Grow 6000 Pounds of Veggies in Your Own Back Yard

 By Jay North
Going Organic

Organic gardening popularity in America is at an all time high, and well it should be considering the high cost of fresh produce at the supermarket. But wait, Eat Organic, it’s the best bet for you and your family and oh so fresh right from your own backyard, best of all it will cut your grocery bill in half. What most want to be green thumbs may not know is they can grow over 6000 lbs of fresh veggies right in their own backyard and tomatoes have never tasted so good.

While there are hundreds of gardening methods, the very best for small back yard gardens is the stack method, utilizing air space and raised multi-level beds. Equipment and supply cost can be kept to a minimum by using recycled materials often found at your local land fill, ask the operators if you can sift  through to find what you need. To start your search, look for recycled lubber to build beds, wire, and rope and soft mesh materials for baskets.

How to grow 6000 pounds of fresh organic fruits and vegetables in your own backyard.

Start with a plan and plan according to what you like to eat. Design a lay out that calls for utilizing air space to the max. Use fruit trees for shade for plants that require shade on hot months (I.e.; Chervil, Basil and soft lettuces), use the fence line to tie up beans, berries, traveling squash and grape vines. Find simple building plans or a friendly carpenter to help design stacked raise beds, fill them with soil and organic compost, and build them to the highest level that is comfortable for you to reach. Use air space to tie up your cantaloupes and cucumbers.

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2 responses to “Grow 6000 Pounds of Veggies in Your Own Back Yard

  1. How many growing seasons can we expect before Hell overcomes us?

  2. Wow — terrific info and so helpful. THanks!

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