The New Urban Farmer and Good Old American Know-How

By Jay North
Going Organic

At a time when cities worldwide are growing and urban population is exploding, there is an increased need for locally grown produce. On 03/Jan/2010, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization declared that feeding billions of urban dwellers will necessitate small micro farms in large urban areas. Urban farmers are already feeding over 700,000 people in the world, and many organizations speculate that this number will grow by 60% by the year 2030.

Urban farming involves using small plots of land to grow produce in densely populated areas. Small vacant lots, large undeveloped fields, backyards, and rooftops are used to produce crops for local consumption. The farms can take many forms. Just one case in point is a small backyard farm just outside of New York City that produces three hundred pounds of tomatoes per month during its season.

There are numerous examples like this worldwide that utilize small plots of land to produce livestock, milk, eggs, and a variety of fresh produce.

Poverty Rates Continue to Climb

Poverty rates throughout the world including the USA are on the increase. In some developing countries such as India, several South American countries, and Asia, people spend 60% of their income on food.

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2 responses to “The New Urban Farmer and Good Old American Know-How

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