Vitamins Are the New Satan as Poisoned Junk Food Branded Healthy

By Neil Foster
Sovereign Independent

In today’s Irish Independent an article asks the question ‘Are your vitamins actually killing you?’ in which it tries to convince the reader that they shouldn’t be taking supplementary vitamins because all our nutrition should come from our food.

I agree wholeheartedly that all our nutrition should come from our food but as I’m sure the author of this ridiculous piece knows, the vitamins and minerals our bodies require to maintain a healthy lifestyle are at best minimal and in many cases absent completely from our food. We are led to believe that if we eat a certain quantity of vegetables, fruit, fish etc then we should be supremely healthy.

I left out meat because apparently meat is bad for us despite the human species surviving on it for millennia. (New York Times) Meat has never been unhealthy in its natural state. It simply becomes dangerous to your health when chemicals are fed and injected into the animals we then consume.

The same applies to vegetables. They are constantly sprayed with carcinogenic chemicals and other pesticides which do nothing for the plant except make it grow. The vitamins and minerals which are supposed to be part of the plant are further destroyed through irradiation leaving them nutritionally useless and quite frankly unfit for human consumption.

What about Genetically Modified Organisms? Does anyone really believe that these organisms can possibly be safe when numerous studies have shown the contrary? (See I-SIS, Seeds of Deception, and Relfe)

Cancer and other life threatening illnesses have been linked to GMO for well over a decade yet we are told that they are perfectly safe as the EU allow more and more of these lethal ‘foods’ into food chain and the environment where the damage to animal and plant life is never considered. Crops have been cross pollinated by insects who settle on GMO crops before moving onto conventional crops which are then contaminated by the GMO’s.

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6 responses to “Vitamins Are the New Satan as Poisoned Junk Food Branded Healthy

  1. You do realize that there are limits as to how much of certain vitamins your body can process, right? Telling people to take as many high dose vitamins as they can is dangerous. You can get sick from taking supplements. Fact.

  2. Great Article. Thanks! It is so imperative that everyone understands these things.

  3. I think more people are aware that there is a limit to as to how much of certain vitamins our bodies can process and I don’t think that Neil Foster meant take high dosages in great quantities. He is right to say buy as many as you can now because the nutrients in our food is being depleted and the strength of the Boots vitamins etc are not worth taking. Codex alimentarius at work again! It is a well informed and well written article. I understood what he is saying.

  4. It ought to be patently CLEAR by now that, yes, they are trying to kill us off.

  5. The powers that be are trying to kill the masses. Its actually been happening for years now.

    Grow you own food and research supplements and take them.

  6. Well, I’ve been a vegan for 30 years and I take vitamins and supplements. Obviously, I’m doing something right – check that- I’m doing everything right because I will soon be hitting the big 80 and I take no drugs and thus far am doing my own grass cutting and maintaining my privit bushes which require trimming often. I also shop for my dog and 6 cats and accomplish all the required tasks re their care. Foolish opinions will always abound and this one calling vitamins and supplements satan foods is a great example. The real satan foods are those which cost the animals so much suffering in cafo situations in order to provide us with eggs, dairy, and meat. No, the foods aren’t satanic but the way they are produced are. In the recent recall of millions of eggs probably tainted with samonella – I was glad they showed the poor disheveled hens in battery cages. What a contrast to the gleaming white eggs they produced and their hellish living quarters. I always thank God that I believe that his first gift to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden was to make them vegetarian. Many of us have learned to agree with his the wisdom of this first dictum to them.

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