Who dares to speak: Riding the tiger

By Alex Roslin
Montreal Gazette

In a growing shroud of secrecy, governments fail whistleblowers who often lose their careers, their marriages and their health after exposing corruption. Alex Roslin explores Canada and the US, focusing on Dr Shiv Chopra who tried to protect Canadians from dangerous drugs, agricultural practices, and carcinogenic pesticides from entering the food supply.


Dr. Shiv Chopra still remembers the words his friend spoke a few days before he died. “Every time I come here, I vomit,” Dr. Chris Basudde, a fellow Health Canada doctor, had said. “I feel sick. I can’t take this.”

Chopra told his friend to see a doctor and take some time off work. Days later, he was stunned to learn that Basudde had died of a suspected heart attack.

Chopra said he, Basudde and two other Health Canada doctors were living under enormous stress and had seen their careers and lives turned upside down after they had protested against plans to approve bovine growth hormone -which was eventually banned from dairy production in 1999 -and other drugs they considered to be unsafe.

The four doctors were subjected to harassment and isolated from each other in different buildings, Chopra said. He got shingles that he attributes to the stress and went on sick leave. Health Canada fired Chopra and the two other surviving doctors in 2004, citing insubordination.

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2 responses to “Who dares to speak: Riding the tiger

  1. That’s corporate fascism for you. Hitler’s WAY, the Occult-Annunaki caste system, promoting culling and scapegoating.

    “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini.

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