Cancer’s Favorite Food – Found in Everything You Eat?

By Dr Mercola

Pancreatic tumor cells use fructose to divide and proliferate, according to a study that challenges the notion that all sugars are the same. Tumor cells fed both glucose and fructose used the two sugars in two different ways. This could explain why other studies have previously linked fructose intake with pancreatic cancer, one of the deadliest cancer types.

According to MSNBC:

“Americans take in large amounts of fructose, mainly in high fructose corn syrup, a mix of fructose and glucose that is used in soft drinks, bread and a range of other foods. Politicians, regulators, health experts and the industry have debated whether high fructose corn syrup and other ingredients have been helping make Americans fatter and less healthy.”

MSNBC August 2, 2010
Cancer Research August 1, 2010; 70: 6368
Reuters August 2, 2010

Dr Mercola’s Comments at Mercola.come article here.

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