Natural health movement achieving key victories over HFCS, MSG, GMOs and more

By Mike Adams
Natural News

It’s hard to see it sometimes, but the natural health community has achieved many important victories over the last few years in exposing the truth about dangerous chemicals and food ingredients. Here are some of the major victories we’ve collectively achieved:

High-Fructose Corn Syrup exposed

We’ve been victorious in spreading the word about the dangers of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which I call “liquid sugar crack.” The public has learned so much about the dangers of this refined ingredient that food manufacturers are now switching away from HFCS and using more natural refined ingredients (such as evaporated cane juice, which is far better for you than HFCS).

You can even buy Hunt’s Ketchup now, which declares right on the front label, “NO High Fructose Corn Syrup!”

Not surprisingly, the Corn Refiners Association has spent millions of dollars trying to obfuscate this issue by claiming HFCS is perfectly good for you. They’ve attacked virtually every news organization that writes about HFCS, and they run television ads that try to spin the issue in their direction, but they’ve failed! The public still knows that HFCS is linked to diabetes and obesity, and they don’t want any more of this refined liquid sugar in their diets.

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3 responses to “Natural health movement achieving key victories over HFCS, MSG, GMOs and more

  1. Harmful chemicals are usually found in instant food products. Discoveries against these chemicals result back to using natural or organic products in cooking.

  2. Dangerous chemicals are often found in instant foods. Discoveries agaist these chemicals result back to the use of natural and organic products in cooking.

  3. I need some help . Pls assist if you can. I own a natural and organic supermarket in Kobe japan and I am looking for videos with japanese subtitles or dubbed in japanese which will expose the dangers of using aspartame, gmo, msg and hfcs. I have been able to find “the world according to Monsanto” with japanese sub but I need to find many more to be able to educate the public here in japan. Pls help me if you can by referring me to places where I can find any videos pertaining to these dangerous chemicals .I thank you for your kind attention.

    Best regards,
    Atoo Heera

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