Bad eggs and a fake ‘Food Safety’ bill: Coincidence?

By Ron Mahan

We don’t think so! S.510 Push Back: Act Now! Act Here:

Senate Bill S.510 is called ‘The Food Safety Modernization Act’. It should be called ‘The Food Monopoly Bill’. You see it will require all farms to purchase and use high-tech equipment that family farms and organic farms cannot afford and do not need. It will put these farms out of business.

This is shameful because the bad food occasionally produced in this country does not come from these little farms- it comes from Big Agribiz and they already HAVE the hi-tech equipment required by this law. It seems the equipment hasn’t improved the food they produce, and they don’t like competition from responsible farmers – they prefer a Bill that hands them a monopoly over food production by destroying that competition.

Further, this Bill is written in such an open-ended way, that if the Feds choose to, they can use it to stop you from having a home garden.

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2 responses to “Bad eggs and a fake ‘Food Safety’ bill: Coincidence?

  1. There is no such thing as coincidence, it’s not kosher!

    Seriously, there is no concidence with the events that are happening in our
    world today. A well laid plan to erode righteousness and take over every aspect of our lives is laid. I believe that we can push back only so far, and
    then prayer is our last defense, however it should be our first. IMHO.


  2. This is nonsense. Farms will not be required to purchase equipment. I think most own refrigerators.

    Your home garden is not effected. Period.

    As far as Homeland Security, I hate to break it to you, but when Homeland Security was created they put a DHS desk in just about every executive department. That means Transportation, Communication, USDA, etc. This bill doesn’t do anything to change that. It only tells FDA to share info.. DHS will not be in charge.

    You can put your tinfoil hats away now.

    Oh yeah, and the woman featured in that video is married to the guy from The Men Who Stare At Goats. He says he can walk through walls. Do you believe that, too?

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