Monsanto, S 510, and the Trojan Horse of Bull Semen

By R. Gonzales

We have been watching political events in the wrong places and at the wrong level. Where should politically aware people be looking? At the unfathomed power grabs occurring around “food safety” and around vaccines. And at what level should political people be looking? The imperialist moves are happening at the submicroscopic level – patented DNA.

Understand where to look and at what level, and new connections emerge. One can suddenly see the relationship of Monsanto’s “Food Safety” bill (S 510) to Bush’s state pandemic laws that mandate vaccine and drugs and even to US bull semen and the Punjab. All are linked by corporations using genetic engineering to gain “ownership” over all living things, including plants, animals and, potentially, human beings.

S 510 helps open the door.

Corporate media (through PR orchestration?) has led the public to focus on rotten egg scares and contaminated meat scares, and away from what is in the bill itself and even where it came from. People detest Monsanto, having learned about it through movies such as The Corporation, Food, Inc., The Future of Food, and The World According to Monsanto, but few realize that Monsanto is running “food safety” at the FDA and is behind the bill. Media has helped with denial. Yet Monsanto is attempting with a handful of other companies to take control of all food in the world and this bill would put it over the entire US food supply.

In watching GMOs and what is happening at the level of DNA, one begins to sense the corporate power of patents over food, animals and human DNA, and can begin to see a tie in the new safeguard-destroying FDA rule allowing the pharmaceutical industry to insert any ingredient into vaccines (with no testing) via the approval of only one FDA employee. Patented DNA can be and is being included in vaccines.

Percy Schmeiser, a winner of the Right Livelihood Award (the alternative Nobel Prize) for standing up to Monsanto when their pollen contaminated his fields and they then claimed to own his crop, says this issue goes beyond farming and food issues because patent laws allow “GMO contamination” to be used to claim to “own” whatever is contaminated. He is urging people to see that GMO patents extend to all of nature, from plants to animals to human DNA.

Monsanto’s patents on meat confirms Schmeiser’s warning.  Monsanto now claims through patents to own “meat” because animals have eaten Monsanto’s patented GE-corn or GE-soy.

The global coalition “No Patents on Seeds” has issued an alert. It pertains to the latest patent filed by Monsanto. In a pending patent application (filed on Jan 29, 2009) from Monsanto even bacon and steaks are claimed: Patent application WO2009097403 is claiming meat stemming from pigs being fed with the patented genetically engineered plants of Monsanto. …

Now let us look at Claim 70. It lists three components of swine feed: “stearidonic acid (SDA), gamma linolenic acid (LCA) and additonal feed components,” and also adds that wherein said swine feed comprises at least 0.10% SDA and at least 0.07 % GLA, wherein the ratio of SDA/GLA is at least about 1.3.

In other words, this patent is simply about the addition of SDA and GLC compounds to the normal swine feed. As said ealier, the patent is claimed over meat stemming from pigs being fed with the patented genetically engineered plants that Monsanto has produced. In a pending patent application from Monsanto even bacon and steaks are claimed, says ‘No Patents on Seeds’ campaign. It tells us that a similar patent is applied for fish from aquaculture in March 2010 (WO201027788).

Is only Monsanto involved? Writing back in 2001, Robert Lederman notes:

“Why is it significant that many of Bush’s staff and cabinet appointees are former pharmaceutical company executives as was GW’s father, former President George Bush? These corporations are voraciously patenting the earth’s life forms-its plants, bacteria, viruses, animals and even human genetic lineages. Reproduction of plants, animals and humans may eventually be totally controlled by these corporations, genetically-altered, recombined into chimeric life forms and exploited for profit.

“The Human Genome Project, as it admits on the very first page of its website – – is derived from the eugenics movement in the US and Nazi Germany during the first half of the 20th century. The Eugenics Records Office at Cold Springs Harbor NY-where American eugenics started-was built by the Harriman family-the Bushes’ Wall Street business partners in funding Hitler. This is the new frontier of colonialism in the 21st century-the total domination and exploitation of the earth and everything on it – the New World Order both former President Bush and Adolf Hitler so frequently called for.”

These same groups listed in Lederman’s article, which also took apart the economy, are behind S 510. In “Food ‘Safety’ Reform and the Covert Continuation of the Enclosure Movement,” Nicole Johnson writes:

“Winrock International (founded by Winthrop Rockefeller) receives financial support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Rockefeller Foundation, the DOE, USAID, the US Department of State, the USDA, the World Bank, the FAO, SYSCO and the Tides Foundation. Winrock International also has long-standing ties with Monsanto …”

Johnson describes how S 510 would offer global control over farming arranged through international agreements that override US law, thus creating an international “enclosure” of all farming worldwide. But the extent of the enclosure is not just global but microscopic! There, they are “enclosing” nature itself, down to enclosing or claiming to own the DNA of all living things in the world.

How does this relate to vaccines?

The pandemic laws Bush put into place in all states here, via a suspect anthrax scare, all include the forced taking of medical samples (DNA), and the forcing of vaccines and drugs (which can include patented GMOs) as well as forcing unknown and untested “medical” treatments or decontamination onto anyone, without having to prove there is an infectious disease active in the area. The H1N1 pandemic was proven to have been faked by the pharmaceutical industry, with the Centers for Disease Control lying about H1N1 cases and obstructing an investigation. The companies mentioned above as being closely tied to the Bushes are the ones providing the vaccines, as well as”

“voraciously patenting the earth’s life forms-its plants, bacteria, viruses, animals and even human genetic lineages.”

How does patenting relate to S 510?

The bill, with seed already redefined as food inside the FDA, would criminalize normal seed cleaning and normal storing of them as “food safety violations.”

The bill would also put the US fully under the WTO and whatever agreements and rules those corporations have formulated or would formulate around seeds and GMOs.

And in S 510, following the Monsanto pattern with seeds of eliminating the normal seed companies before substituting GE-seed, arranges for using DHS and the DOD to exterminate normal animals by the corrupt CDC declaring an animal disease outbreak.

S 510 would add to the many ways Monsanto is already putting organic, non-patented seeds out of reach, ending people’s control of seed here, just as the US government, military and corporations did to Iraq.

In recognizing that history, Monsanto’s involvement with the bill, and Monsanto’s desire to control all food in the world, it should come as no surprise that S 510 provides Monsanto the means to take over of all seeds in US. The surprise comes in seeing a new level of deceitfulness – a bill that take over seeds without ever mentioning the word “seed.”

A bill in the Indian Parliament now makes it apparent how crucial GMOs are, and that the direction goes far beyond food. The bill, Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI), was slipped into Parliament immediately after Monsanto’s Bt-eggplant was rejected and placed on moratorium. It includes prison and fines for anyone even questioning the safety of GMOs not only in food, but in drugs or vaccines, where they are now putting patented DNA (GMOs). Schmeiser is warning of the patents claims to own what is contaminated. What does that say of a child contaminated by patented DNA (GMOs) vaccines?

Vaccines containing patented DNA are being pushed on people who do not know what is in the vaccines or any potential legal ramifications through fear.  Vaccines can be mandated by the World Health Organization – a WHO run by the Rockefellers and pharmaceutical industry, and which was exposed as being involved in a kickback scheme using the faked pandemic to push vaccines.

Schmeiser warns that the danger from patent laws around GMO contamination goes much, much deeper than food.

And finally to bull semen:

Dairy farmers to get semen from US
Dairy farmers in Punjab will now have the facility of high-quality American semen on their doorstep. Stating this here today, World Wide Sires Ltd, the leading cattle genetics marketing organisation, said it was all set to herald the next white revolution in Punjab.

[The “Green Revolution,” also a US agribusiness plan, was a disaster for India, hitting hardest in the Punjab, where they now have cancer trains from farms to cities.]

Addressing mediapersons here today, WWS CEO John Schouten declared that the organisations had started working with the dairy farmers in Punjab and were establishing a well-knit network to provide best quality semen and services to dairy farmers.

Trojan horse and “Beware Greeks bearing gifts” come to mind. As do Haitian farmers burning Monsanto’s ‘gift’ of hybrid seeds.

If the semen is genetically engineered, any offspring delivered of Indian cows could be claimed as property by those owning the patents on the semen. In this way, the US would be doing with animals the same thing they did with Bt-cotton, encouraging Indian farmers to use much heralded product that would trap them again into paying highly to then own nothing. More than likely, long term contracts come with the semen.

S 510 lets Monsanto insert its Trojan horses everywhere – tiny ones, the size of DNA.

18 responses to “Monsanto, S 510, and the Trojan Horse of Bull Semen

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  2. If they try this, you can just point to the section that says minimum standards cannot come in conflict with organic standards. That would disallow them from mandating GMOs. Simple as that..

  3. Expose the Truth

    Senate Bill S. 510 would strengthen the forces that have led to the consolidation of our food supply in the hands of a few industrial food producers, while HARMING SMALL PRODUCERS WHO GIVE CONSUMERS THE CHOICE TO BUY FRESH, HEALTHY, LOCAL FOODS.

    Corporate corruption:

    “Monsanto’s Michael Taylor apparently designed the bill and is waiting as an appointed Food Czar to the FDA (a position unapproved by Congress) to administer the agency it would create — without judicial review — IF IT PASSES. S 510 WOULD GIVE MONSANTO UNLIMITED POWER OVER ALL US SEED, FOOD SUPPLEMENTS, FOOD AND FARMING.”


    1. – find how much your Senators and Representatives have received from Monsanto and other corporate interests here:

    2. – tracks money and influence in the U.S. Congress and the California legislature, with more states to come. Look up your legislators here as well.

    3. Use the OpenSecrets and websites to find out how much money your Senators and Representatives have received. Share what you have found out with the media, on blogs, facebook, Twitter, etc.

    4. MOST IMPORTANT — CALL AND WRITE TO YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES. Confront those who are corrupt. HOLD YOUR LEGISLATORS ACCOUNTABLE. You can find your legislators’ contact information here:

    a) Tell your Senators to OPPOSE S 510 – Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010

    b) Tell your Representative to OPPOSE HR 875 – Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009

    3. Talking points****: Action Alert on Senate Food Safety Bill –

    4. See:

    Spread the word!

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  10. Great article thank you so much as it got me think. If genetics, food and chemicals is your game what agency would you want in your pocket when you have millions to invest to get billions back, one would be the FDA of course. So it should not be much of a surprise that Monsanto has had at least 14 of its employees cycled through the FDA in the last 20 years. Michael Taylor, who probably wrote SB 510 of course is the best example of this revolving door policy.
    1976 staff attorney FDA, assistant to the Commissioner.
    1981 law firm representing Monsanto
    1991 returned to FDA as Deputy Commissioner for Policy
    1994 USDA, as Administrator of Food Safety & Inspection Service.
    1996 returned to Monsanto Vice President for Public Policy
    2009, senior advisor to FDA Commissioner
    2010 appointed to FDA, Deputy Commissioner for Foods
    Interesting you wonder how does an attorney become Commissioner of Foods? Do they teach food science in law school? Paul

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  12. Monsanto
    One day Monsanto and their executives from the beginning will be called to account for harm they have done to this world and humanity. Like the Berlin wall coming down, I know it is going to happen it is just a matter of time. Here is just a thumbnail sketch of their nasty track record. Agent Orange, Aspartame, PCB’s, rBGH, DDT, Dioxins, Pesticides, Herbicides and of course GMO’s. Sums up why everyone should fear, hate and despise this despicable (I like that word) company, Monsanto. Paul

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  14. Many of the organizations you hook up to as links have been infiltrated by the many private, corporate a-b-c agencies masquerading as Government Agencies : FBI, CIA, NSA…to name a few. Be an individual…make your own separate verbal, written complaints not through these organizations and most importantly plant an organic garden. Buy seeds now to store or keep in cache or place away from those that could search your home and take in future.

  15. Monsanto…..Mon-means mine in French

    My Satan….food for thought.

  16. OK, Now the bill is out of committee and on the floor. Do you still think this Bill will be so bad for the small producer? It now appears to exclude farms straight up and to my mind the organic farmers/sellers already go through more tracking of the sources and recording of what they do than any farmers/sellers on the planet.

    This to my mind this will put conventional and gmo sellers in the same position as the organic farmer. The difference being that the organic sellers have been doing this right along. This actually looks to me like a way to take Monsanto down. So you were saying?

  17. darthchaosofrspw

    Did you know that the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is a Monsanto front group owned, funded, and controlled by other Monsanto front groups? CSPI’s National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity (NANA) coalition has several Monsanto front groups as steering committee members. Among the Monsanto front groups on the NANA coalition are the American Diabetes Association, American Dietetic Association, and the United Fresh Produce Association. When it comes to CSPI, “science” and “public interest” are mere doublespeak. They should choose a name which reflects their TRUE nature: Criminals for Junk Science in the Monsanto Interest.

  18. This is a No-Brainer. Non-GMO genetics are designed for yield, with no compromise for standability or drydown. Products are always carefully chosen to match trait rotation systems, IRM refuge areas, and premium markets. Thanks for your blog! Let the world know!

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