Bee decline already having dramatic effect on pollination of plants

By Richard Alleyne
Daily Telegraph

A decline in bees and global warming are having a damaging effect on the pollination of plants, new research claims.

Researchers have found that pollination levels of some plants have dropped by up to 50 per cent in the last two decades. The “pollination deficit” could see a dramatic reduction in the yield from crops. The research, carried out in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, is the first to show that the effect is real and serves as a “warning” to Britain which if anything has seen an even greater decline in bees and pollinators.

“This serves as a warning to other countries,” said Professor James Thomson at the University of Toronto, who carried out the research.

“For quite some time people have been suggesting that pollinators are in decline and that this could have an effect on pollination.

“I believe that this is the first real demonstration that pollination levels are getting worse. I believe it is a significant decline. I believe the pollination levels have dropped by as much as 50 per cent.

“Bee numbers may have declined at our research site, but we suspect that a climate-driven mismatch between the times when flowers open and when bees emerge from hibernation is a more important factor.”

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2 responses to “Bee decline already having dramatic effect on pollination of plants

  1. while I believe that bees and all pollinators are in trouble, climate change is less an issue. if its too cold for bees its usually too cold for the plants they pollinate to flower. a bigger issue is extreme heat drying nectar and pollen off the flowers. some flowers of some species always bud earlier, but the plants that are destined to survive will be the ones there when the bees are, their genes will continue, nature is no fool.
    no one is mentioning moths…not so pretty or noticed but also pollinators. also affected by chemicals. my pumpkin flowers were decimated by ants!! last year before the bees could get to the new flowers the ants were removing the pollen right down to the stamen tops. never seen that happen before. another important point is that all european and usa (apart from rare organic breeders) use chem IN the hives against varroa and antibiotics as par for course, none of which is smart for the bees long term viability. while they tend to kill the hives in Canad, and buy in new queens, they also reuse the pre poisoned boxes, even if? they use new wax and frames..also theres a BIG trend to plastic frames, a bad bad idea, no research on the chem leaching from them I have found. Irradiating to kill bugs and viruses doesnt remove chem, may? make it worse?? moving bees vast disatances to pollinate Monocrops like almonds with little nectar and nutrition in the pollen for them , adding HFCS and soy , both GM derived as a supplement…nope! not good again.

  2. The situation is so serious that the government has launched a £10 million project to find out what is causing bees and other insects to disappear.
    This above is classic!
    the DEFRA inquiry into bee deaths is partially Funded!! BY BAYER.. yup the same folks who admitted they knew their chem killed bees etc and even small mammals ie bats mice etc…SO? what chance do you think they will find chem to blame? slim to none! warming, is so trendy to use though- covers their butts.

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