Milk War documentary to air in Canada

By The Bovine

It should be noted that while Sept. 26th is the television premiere, the same film will premiere at the Royal Cinema in Toronto a week earlier on September 19th. See our earlier story on that.

TORONTO—On a November morning in 2006, 20 armed officers raided a small farm two hours north of Toronto. They weren’t looking for drugs or guns. They were there for the milk.

Dairy farmer Michael Schmidt found himself facing multiple charges. The offence: selling unpasteurized milk, a practice outlawed in Canada since 1991. Milk War, an original ichannel documentary making its world television premiere this month, tells the story of one man’s battle with government authorities over raw milk—a fight that Schmidt insists is really about the fundamental right “to eat what we want.”

ichannel, Canada’s political and social issues network, presents Milk War on Sunday, Sept. 26 at 8 pm and 11 pm ET. The hour-long film was written and directed by award-winning journalist Kevin O’Keefe, and produced by Declan O’Driscoll. Gemini Award-winning actor Colm Feore narrates.

Born and raised in postwar Germany, Michael Schmidt has long nursed a suspicion of authority and a belief in standing up for basic principles. On his Durham, Ontario farm, he practices a rigorous organic method known as biodynamic agriculture. And since the early 1990s, he has been catering to an enthusiastic clientele who swear by the superior taste and health benefits of the raw milk he produces. Through a co-operative venture called “cow-sharing,” Schmidt sells shares in each of his cows to individual owners, who take their dividends in the form of milk.

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2 responses to “Milk War documentary to air in Canada

  1. All governments seem to have an uncontrollable urge to grow in size and power all the while trying to take away as many rights of its citizens as it can. I wish the Canadian citizens a speedy victory in your quest to get your basic right back to sell and be able to buy raw milk. Here in America we are also up against a similar overstuffed, boorish government. Ours seems to feel that it is falling behind your government “God forbid that” in the taking away of citizen’s rights and is making a bid with S 510 to steal away our right to sell and buy raw milk if we choose. Paul

  2. Hi I was raised on a dairy farm in the Lower Fraser Valley in BC. Yes I agree raw milk is better than bought milk and tastes different. There is a warning though if you are going to get milk from a potential farmer you best make sure he is a clean hygienic farmer. He must sterilize everything at all times. We did on our farm. Even our barn inside was sterilized. My father warned us never drink the neighbors milk as he did not no if they were clean farmers. Cows can be infected and must be checked at all times by a inspector. You do not realize what can get into the milk if not checked. You do not want to really know.
    Since their are so many people from India taking over a lot of the farms they without being discriminative are dirty farmers and treat their animals horribly. I have been a witness to this. It is sick. So go and drink raw milk but check out what I have just said.

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