MN raw milk vs Iowa tainted eggs

By David E. Gumpert
The Complete Patient

Minnesota raw dairy producer Michael Hartmann has been in state court this week, pursuing a suit that would allow him to re-open his dairy. He’s been shut down for about three months by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, based on an outbreak of E.coli 0157:H7 that authorities say sickened at least eight consumers of his dairy’s milk.

What makes his case especially noteworthy is the fact that the authorities haven’t allowed him to re-open once he could demonstrate he had resolved potential problems at his dairy. If you look at even the most notorious cases of food illness, including the current illnesses associated with eggs, factory farms associated with illness don’t even get shut down, let alone have to petition a court to allow them to re-open.

Moreover, many of Michael Hartmann’s customers have continued to support him throughout his combat with Minnesota agriculture officials, and say they want access to his milk, despite allegations of illness. About 30 or so have attended each of this week’s court sessions on his suit, and he’s responded by hosting buffet lunches out in a park across from the court.

It will be interesting to see how the judge rules in this case. It raises a number of interesting issues.

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2 responses to “MN raw milk vs Iowa tainted eggs

  1. With stories like this, you should always spend a couple of minutes and see what the local media covering the story has to say.

    Go to Google news, stick in his name and Minnesota and see what you can learn. Seems to me that the farmer didn’t understand basic hygiene principles. There was a dead owl in his milk barn.

    There’s also an MPR story worth reading.

    Marler, who opposes raw milk provides a link to the cow-share college “Chore Time” videos by Tim Wightman at

    I spent some time watching them. They demonstrate that you need to be very systematic and very careful in handling milk, especially raw milk.

    It is a shame that many in the raw milk community can’t separate themselves from an incompetent producer.

    It turns out that some have the courage. See and read the comments

  2. Great article. I like the fact that you are able to look at it from a more balanced perspective than is usually presented, pointing out the imbalance of enforcement, even though you admit that you wouldn’t drink the raw milk (or at least Hartman’s).

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