Rebranding Danger: Corn refiners petition FDA for high fructose corn syrup name change

By Caroline Scott-Thomas
Food Navigator

The Corn Refiners Association has petitioned the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asking it to allow the term ‘corn sugar’ as an alternative label declaration for high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).

HFCS has suffered from a spate of bad publicity in recent years, and food and beverage manufacturers have been increasingly switching it out of their products in preference for beet or cane sugar (sucrose).

[All of which are genetically modified. ~ Ed.]

The Corn Refiners Association (CRA) has said that the reason it filed a petition with the FDA was to be clear with consumers about what HFCS is: A sugar made from corn. The CRA – a trade association that represents the corn refining industry in the United States – has repeatedly stressed that HFCS is not high in fructose, even though that is what the name may suggest. In fact it contains proportions of fructose and glucose that are similar to sucrose.

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6 responses to “Rebranding Danger: Corn refiners petition FDA for high fructose corn syrup name change

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  3. It wouldn’t have anything at all to do with the fact that the Public is finally aware of the dangers, and the evidence is mounting as a diabetic issue also?
    ditto the rebadging of aspartame, the Publics clued in finally! and they hate loosing a cent in sales.
    seeing as they are VAT engineered “amino acids” that do NOT occur naturally in that rate dose and combo..
    fooled us once….never!!! again!!

    • it was funny to read in this article that the public condemns HFCS so food processors are using sugarbeets and cane sugar – both of which are genetically modified.

      It’s like jumping from the frying pan to another frying pan… no change in danger.

  4. Audrae Erickson is promoting the relabeling of poison because of the money involved that undoubtedly pays her salary.

    There are huge dollars at stake here, and the diminishing profits from the decline of the use of HFCS are making the CFA ramp up this effort to change the name, what’s next, drop corn from “corn sugar?”

    The public can only hope the FDA sees through this nonsense and euphemistically misleading labeling. To the CFA, do us all a favor and grow sugar beets.

    If you’re uniformed enough to consume this stuff, do yourself a favor and stop all consumption of HFCS or corn syrup, you will notice a change very quickly in your health, for the better. The stuff is in everything, so be wary, and avoid processed foods as much as you possibly can.

  5. Cane sugar and beet sugar are extracted directly form sugar cane and sugar beets. Yes, chemicals are added to remove impurities (dirt, plant matter, etc.) but the important thing to remember is that the Sucrose does not react chemically with anything. It’s just as it is in the plant, naturally.

    HFCS is produced from chemical reactions and is not present in the corn as it grown naturally. There’s a lot of “high dollar” chemistry involved in the manufacturing (that’s right, it’s a manufactured product) of HFCS.

    HFCS is not “natural” and it’s not “corn sugar.”

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