12 Fish You Shouldn’t Eat

By Emily Main
Rodale Institute

Sometimes the easiest way to decipher seafood guidelines is in knowing what NOT to eat. A new guide ID’s the bad ones.

Know which fish to avoid, so you can reel in the healthiest choices fish at the supermarket. And be sure to avoid imported shrimp!

Yes fish, no fish, red fish…OK fish? Sometimes deciphering all the seafood recommendations out there can feel a bit like the old Dr. Seuss tale. But the nonprofit Food and Water Watch has just released a seafood guide that it hopes will make it a little easier.

“When people find out we work on seafood, the consistent question we get is, What should I eat?” says Marianne Cufone, director of the Fish Program at Food and Water Watch, and one of the researchers of the group’s new guide. “Some people choose certain fish because they’re more nutritious, others because they have a specific cultural meaning. It’s really hard to tell someone what they should or should not eat.” So the group compiled a list of the good, the bad, and the absolute worst fish, based on a wider variety of criteria than some of the other seafood lists out there.

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14 responses to “12 Fish You Shouldn’t Eat

  1. A good alternative to Chilean Sea Bass, for the purpose of making ceviche, is Opah. It’s light in flavour and silky in texture.

  2. Why would you eat fish anyway? Why even mention a supplement for an animal caught and slaughter for your hunger? For your hunger you can eats also other materials then animals.

  3. Thanks for this update and making suggestions of what fish to choose .

  4. Wow Emi!
    This is easy. Now when I think fish it is Pacific Coast all the way. What a coincidence.
    Thank you for the article.

  5. Yahoo! health “experts” completely plagaiarized this story and called it their own!


  6. The whole mercury scare is being completely over-represented! The people who eat the most large pelagic fish (like Bluefin tuna) are the Japanese, and they are the population with the world’s longest life span!
    Also, you list farm-raised Tillapia as a “good substitute” for Atlantic Halibut!? Have you ever eaten fish? It’s like trying to substitute a taco bell taco for prime rib! I live and Fish in Atlantic Canada, and our Halibut stocks are doing just fine. We have tight quotas and a stable, well-managed fishery. I also commercially fish Bluefin Tuna with rod and reel. I’ve been doing so since I was 14 yrs. old, 20 yrs. ago. I’ve NEVER seen as many tuna as I have in the past few years, including this year! The current world record is 1496lbs. and was caught where I fish back in 1989. This year, a hook and line fisherman who was tagging and releasing fish for science caught one much bigger! It was estimated by extrapolating from it’s length and girth to be 1625 lbs.! There are many fish of all different size classes! go to youtube and type in “feeding bluefin tuna on the ridge” and check it out!
    There needs to be a distinction made in the media between our one-at-a-time rod and reel caught bluefin tuna and what happens in the eastern Atlantic and Medeteranian, where they hire a plane or Helicopter to find a whole school of Tuna from the air, and take a huge 300 ft. ship and run a huge seine around a whole school of Tuna, often taking more than the whole yearly Canadian quota in a single set! The fish are then towed slowly to shore where they are kept and “farmed”. Basically they are just fattened until the market prices are high and they slaughtered by the hundreds! Spain, Portugal and North African countries are the main countries who do this.
    When I first started fishing Bluefin Tuna with my dad in 1992, There were no Bluefin coming out of the Mediteranian because they had fished the eastern bluefin stock basically to extinction. Through careful conservation efforts, tight quotas, and elimination of destructive methods of fishing, Canada and the USA have slowly rebuilt our stocks. Up to 30% of Bluefin will actually cross the Atlantic, and so through the rebuilding of our stocks, we also rebuilt the european Bluefin stocks, only for the Spanish and Portuguese to begin the same destructive fishing practices which wiped them out in the first place. This caught global attention this time around, but ironically Canadian and US fisherman have been painted with the same brush as our European counterparts, even though we catch our fish one at a time with a rod and reel, and they purse seine an entire school, catching HUNDREDS OF TONNES AT ONCE! A distinction needs to be made! A tightly regulated hook and line Bluefin Tuna fishery is VERY SUSTAINABLE! A basically unregulated factory-ship purse seine bluefin tuna fishery is COMPLETELY UNSUSTAINABLE!

  7. Matthew, whatever points you were trying to make were lost on me, as I stop reading when a person condescends and then makes every sentence end in an exclamation point.

  8. Enjoy your Pacific Salmon and Tuna now because you will likely not be able to eat them a year without rolling the dice on Fukushima radioactive accumulation in the top predator fish.

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