My 10-Mile Diet

By Vicki Robin
Yes! Magazine

When Tricia Beckner asked me to only eat for a month what she can produce on her CSA farm-ette, just to see what would happen, I was game. We’ve widened the circle a little to include food produced within 10 miles of my home on Whidbey Island, with exceptions made for 4 essentials: oil, salt (+5 other spices), caffeine, and lemons.

Meet My Food System

Lesson Number One (repeat after me as many times as it takes): It’s not about me.

This has been among my highest insights in my most expanded states of mind. It’s also made clear when we pay attention to our food. Eating—however much it is keyed into the “it’s all about me” survival systems of the body—must be a collective endeavor or it just doesn’t work. For humans, at least. I live because we live—in reciprocity. Me, you, the farmers, the politicians, the merchants, the animals, the vegetables, the minerals, the trees and oceans, the Earth. These are my pals. These are my suppliers.

One of the largely unsung efforts spawned by Transition Whidbey is a mapping project of our food system. John Lee, one of the authors, spoke about it briefly at our launch potluck for our September Eat Local challenge.

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3 responses to “My 10-Mile Diet

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  2. When I did my first spiritual fast this past spring 2010, I discovered deep within my being, how food is such a weapon to be used by the ruthless and corporate! It was a HUGE revelation, as I have never been a “foodie” and only eat when hungry, but this knocked my socks off. These are great articles that, I believe, bear witness to my experience.

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