No recommendation on GM salmon after hearings

By Caroline Scott-Thomas
Food Navigator

After two days of hearings, a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory panel has called for more research to decide whether genetically engineered salmon is safe for consumption.

The meetings pitted consumer and environmental campaigners against AquaBounty, the Massachusetts-based company that has been working on bringing its AquAvantage salmon to the market for more than a decade. If approved, the salmon, which is said to reach full size in about half the time as its conventional counterparts, would be the first genetically modified (GM) animal marketed for human consumption. Some environmentalists and scientists have said they see it as a watershed case, with the result likely to either pave the way for further genetic engineering of food animals or discourage its use.

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5 responses to “No recommendation on GM salmon after hearings

  1. They will not assume responsibility, that’s for sure.

    • well, the fact that the FDA banned No-GMO labeling is a clear indication which side their bread is buttered on – they certainly do not care about public health, or consumer choice.

  2. to be novel and patentable the GM foods MUST be different to the original.
    or no Patent..
    yet when they flog it to us…its always NO Different?
    and the lack of Human safety trial in ALL GM food is plain shoddy.
    I suggest that ANY GM food should be eaten by the researcher and funding bodies , along with all their family for at least 2 years before release to the public:-)
    any takers???
    thought not.

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  4. We are such foolish people. We think big is always better. We have pumped up our cows and chickens with hormones and God knows what else to make them bigger and fatter. How can that be good for us? Another reason I’m glad I’m a vegan. Then of course our food products are covered with pesticides and herbicides so that we can have cheap food year around. We’ll never learn I’m afraid. I hope that there will not be any GM salmon. I hope that we’ll grow our veggies and grain without pesticides. Am I dreaming? I’m afraid so.

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