Here they go again: S 510 stalled; S 3767 end run

Cherries cure most headaches, but the FDA censors that information.

No Jail for Selling Real Food! Oppose S.3767

By Stanley A. Fishman
Tender Grassfed Meat

Sometimes I don’t know if I’m living in the United States or the old Soviet Union. A new bill has been introduced in the Senate—S.3767, Food Safety Accountability Act of 2010.  This bill makes it a crime, punishable by up to 10 years in prison, to “introduce misbranded food into interstate commerce.” The bill also appears to provide the same punishment for introducing “adulterated” food into interstate commerce.

These terms are so vague and so broad that they could cover almost anything. Government agencies already consider raw milk to be “adulterated.” Any supplement or food could be labeled as “misbranded.”

“Interstate Commerce” could cover anything and everything that is sold or even consumed in the United States of America.

I fear that these provisions could be interpreted by government agencies to cover the selling or even the consuming of raw milk or any supplement, for example. The brave and dedicated farmers who produce raw milk could be in danger of being jailed under this bill. Even the members of cowshare programs could be in danger of violating this overbroad law.

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8 responses to “Here they go again: S 510 stalled; S 3767 end run

  1. What this implies is that “selling food” will become illegal; but NOT giving it away Free.

    Maybe there’s a silver lining to this legislation after all?

  2. The Senate is OPTING FOR bureaucratic stupefaction and corportized DECEIT. Never mind commonsense limits and boundaries to protect the public.

  3. Wouldn’t Genetically modified be considered adulterated?

  4. Will this affect the farmers market?

  5. This story reminds me of the man who was fined for growing veggies in his own garden

  6. Here we go again the FDA proving that it cannot be trusted to protect the people of this country. If they protected us the way they protect big business we would not see the health disaster we are in today.

    U.S. Senate bill 3767 is trying to criminalize telling the truth about dietary supplements, putting vitamin makers in jail for up to ten years if they link their websites to scientific studies about their products, “Mike Adams the Health Ranger”. How absolutely nonsensical, affirming that the FDA has got its priorities all turned around. Exactly 11 people died in the last 25 years related to taking a vitamin supplement or herb out of the billions of supplements and herbs taken every month. This is from the Poison Control Center USA via Orthomolecular Medical News.

    We obviously need new management in the FDA if they are going to waste their time on this kind of power grabbing nonsense. They are absolutely terrified that the American public will learn the truth about how to stay healthy and avoid taking their dangerous drugs that kill thousands every month. Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.

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