Crazy mainstream health news

Have you noticed mainstream health news getting crazier lately?

By Mike Adams
Natural News

Mark your calendars. This week goes down in history as the most bizarre health news weeks in the history of the mainstream media. I’ve noticed more truly strange and illogical health stories this week from the conventional press than ever before, and I’ll share a few of those with you below.

Bizarre health news story #1 – You can get fat by standing next to fat people

U.S. News & World Report, the Los Angeles Times and even the Wall Street Journal all reported this week that obesity is contagious. If you stand next to fat people, you might “catch” their fat-ness, they reported.

It gets even better: This “contagious obesity” is caused by a cold virus, they reported, and someday there may be a “treatment” for it. Care to guess what that treatment will be? Try not to laugh when you read this: A vaccine for obesity!

Yep. Seriously. “Did you get your fat shots this year? Cuz if you don’t get your fat shots, you might get fat!”

I mean, why not? They’ve got everybody fooled with the flu season vaccines which are worthless. Why not promote fat vaccines, too? Then they can point to all the people who are obese and say, “You didn’t get your vaccine, did you?” And this is how junk science becomes mainstream medical mythology.

By the way, to make this story even more hilarious, check out the Los Angeles Times which reported these two stories only ONE day apart:

Story #1) “More evidence links a virus to obesity…” (…) (meaning you can catch obesity from people around you)

Story #2) “Having a heavier college roommate may mean you won’t gain that much weight” (…) (meaning that if your roommate is obese, you will be thinner)

These two stories are, of course, contradictory. Yet they appear in the same newspaper just one day apart. Now, granted, the LA Times is a large paper, and sometimes it’s difficult for the right hand to know what the left hand is doing, but if the paper had its B.S. sensor operating as it should, it never would have published the “obesity is contagious” story in the first place.

Bizarre health news story #2 – Vaccines prevent heart attacks!

This is being reported by The Telegraph UK, The Independent and even The American Council on Science and Health, all of which reported that flu shot vaccines might “lower the risk of heart attacks.” This was based on a laughably flimsy study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ).

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2 responses to “Crazy mainstream health news

  1. I believe Sam Shepard said it quite succinctly in his stage play “The Invisible Hand” – “what’s out there?” “Fierce morons”.

  2. charmaine calvert

    An amusingly written serious article. Points well noted.

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