Industry group gets gov’t grant to promote pesticide use


By Susanne Rust
California Watch

The state’s food and agriculture department announced the winners of a $17.2 million federal grant designed to promote specialty crops, including vegetables, fruits and nuts, in the state.  Among the 63 winners were Sunsweet Growers Inc., which received $450,000 to develop a high-fiber breakfast prune bread, and scientists at UC Davis who received more than $80,000 to keep light brown apple moths from having sex.

But there was one grant winner that received the attention and ire of the Environmental Working Group, an environmental advocacy group based in Washington, D.C. That group, the Alliance for Food and Farming, received $180,000 to “correct the public’s misconceptions about pesticide residues.”

According to the project’s description, the group’s goal is to “generate more balanced media reporting and change public perception about the safety of produce when it comes to pesticide residues.”

“Is it in California’s best interest to use taxpayers’ money to give chemical-dependent industrial or conventional farming a competitive edge over organics?” said Don Carr, spokesman for the Environmental Working Group about the Alliance grant.

The Alliance took offense at the environmental group’s reaction.

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2 responses to “Industry group gets gov’t grant to promote pesticide use

  1. I don’t have civil words for this kind of scientistic fascism.

    God bless them and teach them some manners.

  2. Emily: I agree with your first sentence. Cannot bring myself to the second, just yet…

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