Interviews with people affected by glyphosate spraying: III. Darío Gianfelici

Interview by Dario Aranda
GM Watch

This third interview (of four) is with Darío Gianfelici, a rural physician who was one of the first medical doctors in Argentina to report the devastating health effects of agrochemical spraying on soy. He has written a book, La Soja, La Salud y La Gente (Soy, Health, and People), about the problem.

“After many years of suffering, it is clear that the spraying has made it difficult to live in rural areas. The impact that [genetically modified Roundup Ready] RR soybeans and the agrochemicals released into the environment have had on the health of the population is real and palpable. Over the course of two years, in a small town, 20 people have died of cancer, some were young.

“I’m just a general practitioner. I work with families. I take care of the whole family from pregnancy to the time they die. I became interested in the effects of agrochemicals in 1998 because in the area where I live and work, we began to see two pathologies: the death of the baby during delivery and early fetal death. Fetal death is a situation where pregnancy occurs, the placenta forms, but there is no baby. Today, we understand that the embryo died before it was visible.

“This condition has increased exponentially throughout the area. So, I began to investigate what had changed that would make this happen now and not in the past. Our town experienced drastic changes before and after soy. I’ve seen people die from cancer at age 30. I have witnessed pregnancy problems and a significant increase in fertility problems. I have seen an increase in respiratory diseases, as has never been seen before.

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2 responses to “Interviews with people affected by glyphosate spraying: III. Darío Gianfelici

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  2. good thing i read this blog yesterday, as i went to store to get weed killer. i saw the round-up & think i saw one of the ingredient mentioned in your article.

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