Spliced bread: Australia battles GMOs

By Claire Parfitt

Food security relies on fair access to land, water, and seeds. Yet Australia is doing its darndest to sell off all three to foreign investors, risking the future of our food. Those living on the land understand the emerging threat to Australia’s food security. The issue of increasing corporate control of Australia’s food has only recently broke into the mainstream, thanks to the “three amigos” using their new heightened profile.

MPs Rob Oakeshott and Bob Katter are urging changes to laws that allow foreign investment in Australian farmland. They know we can’t guarantee food security to a growing population if we sell off our fertile soil to overseas companies.

Foreign investors are also buying up big in Australia’s “blue gold”. A special report by the Sydney Morning Herald showed that Australian water is worth $30 billion, and one of the most commercialised markets in the world.

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11 responses to “Spliced bread: Australia battles GMOs

  1. What bothers me is the slimy underhanded way they have brought GMO’s in; it sets off all my alarms. Plus their track record is so destructive and damaging to the world and every living thing. Agent Orange, Aspartame, PCB’s, rBGH, DDT, Dioxins, Pesticides, Herbicides and of course GMO’s sums up why everyone should fear, hate and despise this despicable company, Monsanto.

    One day every executive of that company from the beginning will be called to account for all the harm they have done to this world and humanity. Paul

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  3. great article! nice find Rady.
    now heres where it gets really warped.
    we have the Labor party /Greens and Ngos wanting to
    use Millenium and Agenda 21 + Kyoto deal to lock UP farmland already cleared etc take the water rights, or buy them , if they must. thereby making the land un farmable for many purposes BUT grazing, which then isnt allowed etc etc..
    Then wake up to the Fact Labour Premiers signed Kyoto, did they water deals, AND they allowed the bloody GM Trash into our farmland.
    The old line of save the Poor and Famine etc and GM can Save the world…..get more yield( A Lie!) on less land to save the planet avert warming whatever, all claims un proven, or proveable, as in warming even happening , and blaming CO2 which Enhances plant growth, and
    Burke in Victoria 08/9 harvest and Redman in West Aus.2010.
    prior perfect example of what the FOOLS! in WA have allowed..
    last year Cargill had some share in Victorias Grain buyer, (after/before, not sure..) they got appro to grow their GM Craps, ie Canola in the state.
    ONE harvest they kept their word and segregated it.
    this Year??
    You PAY Extra to ensure its stored NON GM.
    and You pay for the GM Test on every load, regardless of wether your neighbour or ten miles away was the Cargill shill.
    everyone!! is copping the extra fees.
    theGM product and market is tiny, so How Come the lesser producer/ provider get the right to risk the others? and the others pay MORE.. for nothing.
    And Lose their bonus for NON GM and contracts to grow also.

    oh and Cargill bought out the Company within days of the GM approval.
    they arent Just a grain buyer, they Mill the grains..
    so grocery lines they make, ie Bread Flours, Cake mix etc etc would all have a blended canola oil Using..yup UNLABELLED GM Canola oil.
    Our Labor govt had to do a Deal…with the Greens to manage to claw back into power..the greens big friends of Greenpeace, oppose Gm in .
    Anyone thinking this isn’t going to be rather amusing soon is missing the plot.
    oh and BOTH Labor and Green are in high support of taking peoples land and right away to farm, to have any beach areas already bought and lived in still used.
    and a tiny point.
    C O 2
    for every ONE Carbon atom there are TWO Oxygen ones. we humans happen to need oxygen rather vitally.

    • amicus curiae~
      Looks like you’ve been doing your homework.
      Which should produce plenty of nightmares.
      Still a long long night ahead….
      Don’t give an inch. Hold your ground.
      I’m doing the same, every reasonable person should also. Not one inch.
      Remember the old saying: ‘Don’t trust anyone over 30’? Well, don’t trust anyone in government. FIGHT BACK.
      your friend,

  4. interesting thing.
    the grain Buyers decide what varieties they will be buying, so very handy to FORCE Farmers to grow their seedlines isnt it?
    You grow an old variety they can easily refuse to handle it.
    all grains cop a FEE to the grains mob wether you arranged your OWN buyer or not.
    so you grow a speical grain variety, find a buyer arrange transport handling the lot,
    and the Board who did?
    NOTHING! gats a percentage anyway.
    we also do NOT recieve subsidies to grow as do Usa UK and EU or Canada.
    we certainly do NOT get paid to NOT GROW.
    almost all grains are from the Borlaug program anyway, all have the African UG99 problem about to happen.
    he used an African rust resistant gene to cross/hybridise into most of the worlds present what varieties.
    the short stems too.
    we are already!! close , too close! to having lost the best breeds.
    the GM cos are ALL in on the Seed Bank, so is Gates. he supports GM.
    be worried.

    • Like I said elsewhere earlier today: ‘The Lord taketh, then the Lord taketh again and again and again.’
      Don’t trust anyone in government. Any government. It’s all corporate. It is that bad.

  5. Nedlud, and your namesake had it right,
    I thank you.
    where is Guy Fawkes when we need him:-)

    it isnt the Lord whos Taking, Just those who would be Lords of all they survey.
    the Lord or Gaia, whomever, Giveth…and Mankind takes away from their own.
    pretty shoddy act.

    • I know it isn’t the Lord (God) who’s doing the taking. It was the ‘House of Lords’ (government) that I meant….

      …you and I know this, amicus curiae.

      Ordinary common every day people have got to stick together, against this. Work to
      wake each other, slap a face or two even, ’til we beat this thing.

      Food Freedom’s been posting some really good articles and some good knowledgeable people have been commenting.

      Keep it up folks.

  6. charmaine calvert

    Another very good article and clear warning bell! I want the choice to eat non GM/GE foods and as things stand, we are almost at the point where none of us will know what we are eating unless every plant or grain is tested. That’s unlikely to happen! The damage to animals from eating this gunk is documented, even thought the field trials have been pitifully short and inadequate, animals already know not to touch this stuff and have to be force fed to get the tests done! It’s utter folly! I can only hope the average Australian stands up to be counted here and forces their government to deport Monsanto and others like them, from their shores!

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