Help end criminalization of vitamin, supplement makers

By Mike Adams
Natural News

Telling the truth in America is currently illegal… at least as far as food and supplements are concerned. You see, for decades the federal government has suppressed the free speech rights of food and supplement manufacturers, preventing them from telling the truth about how their products improve health and prevent disease — even when that information is based on peer-reviewed scientific studies published in scientific journals.

But right now, three vital pieces of legislation hold the potential to end the era of censorship in America and once again restore freedom of speech to the health industry. And your help is needed to make this a reality.

The U.S. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act currently defines anything that cures, treats, mitigates, diagnoses or prevents disease as a drug. This means that making truthful claims about the cancer-preventing properties of green tea, for instance, is illegal because if such claims are true, then green tea is automatically considered an unapproved drug. So farmers, supplement manufacturers and vitamin formulators are forced to remain silent about the health benefits of their products while drug companies are free to run wild making all sorts of bizarre claims about the alleged health benefits of pharmaceuticals.

In 1994, natural health advocates won an important victory when Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), legislation that effectively shut down the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) agenda to eliminate access to dietary supplements. The grassroots uprising that led to the passage of DSHEA is considered to be one of the most successful political efforts initiated by the American public to preserve and uphold health freedoms, and it’s what allows you to buy vitamins, herbs and superfoods today.

Being able to buy and sell vitamin and herb supplements today is an important thing, but the fact that they can’t be truthfully labeled is a crime against the People of America. Manufacturers aren’t even allowed to place links on their websites to scientific studies that explain the health benefits of herbs and vitamins. This oppression of scientific knowledge allows the FDA to keep people in the dark about the nutritional benefits of herbs, vitamins and supplements. It keeps America nutritionally illiterate, effectively.

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