How Slop from Natural Gas Fracking Could End up in Your Food

Food that's not grown with organic methods may be sprayed with toxic sludge.

By Leah Zerbe
Rodale Institute

Sewage sludge, a common farm fertilizer banned in organic farming, could be laced with toxic chemicals from natural gas drilling

In the immediate, buy organic. Beyond that, push your reps to support the FRAC Act and a moratorium until hydraulic fracturing is proven safe.

Here’s an unappetizing reality of our food production system: Today’s farming practices include the application of sewage sludge (muck that’s left over after wastewater is treated); it can be sprayed all over food crops and on the crops grown for animals that we go on to eat. This practice in and of itself is causing problems with soil contamination, and is even blamed for “farm deaths” down South. But now, there’s a new addition to the toxic burden of the sludge as a result of the race to build thousands of natural gas drilling wells across the country.

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4 responses to “How Slop from Natural Gas Fracking Could End up in Your Food

  1. The push for an organic world is getting out of hand. As a nation we have allowed the environmentalist to gain political power through out the years. This is because we have become too sensitive, and for the most part we have been brow beaten and shamed into believing we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. As a country that is supposed to be the greatest country in everything we do, we have allowed ourselves to diminish into a weak, bullied country that can no longer pick itself up and become self sustaining. Whether you like it or not we have to extract resources, in order to keep people warm during the winter times, keep our food being delivered to the store, and to make it possible to keep a steady supply of electricity to our homes and hospitals. I personally believe that it is because of the environmentalist we no longer have manufacturing in this nation and we are no longer industrializing. The few have made life difficult for all of us. Nothing is perfect, and I do agree with the need to invent better and more efficient ways of doing things, but getting in the way of progress, doesn’t just hurt your target, it will eventually hurt you as well. If you want something changed, figure out a way to fix it and make it better rather than getting in the way. Be part of the solution rather than the problem.

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