Greenwash of the Week: The Nature Conservancy and Corporate Donors

By The Good Human

I am working, along with some members of the “bigger than myself” media, on a much larger story about this, but wanted to give you all a peek at what we have been working on. Seems The Nature Conservancy, an “enviro” org with billions of dollars in assets, has some very good rich friends who spend their days destroying the environment and our food supply.

I was able to get access to their donor list from 2009, (which isn’t on their site, contrary to popular belief) and most of the list is a veritable who’s-who of planet destroyers:


And many, many more. The most awkward part, at least to me? The Nature Conservancy also has a “Leadership Council” which is, according to them, “one of the world’s leading corporate forums focusing on the challenges confronting biodiversity preservation, habitat conservation and natural resource management.” Who would you imagine would be on this council? Whomever you are thinking about, you are dead wrong. Because here are some names from the council list:

Altria Group
The Dow Chemical Company
ExxonMobil Corporation
Monsanto Company
Nestlé Waters North America

Notice any similarities between the donor list and those listed on the council? Yea, me too. That’s some leadership council on environmental issues!

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5 responses to “Greenwash of the Week: The Nature Conservancy and Corporate Donors

  1. This just backs up something I semi knew..a friend here in Aus got a job with Native Conservancy, a gifted lass, committed to saving native plants and animals..
    she left after 2 months.
    I asked why? chuck such a seemingly plum job in, she said she found a lot she didnt think was ethical, wouldn’t say what as she had had to sign no talk clauses. I guess something like this was what she found .
    Most of the big Green “charities” are well corrupted, they are all on the take and all are suporting the AGW as it sure has brought them stacks of tax free cash to use for whatever they want, and some really well padded pay checks.
    It hurt me to realise that its more about money and public acclaim and egos than any REAL science. Not ONE island has sunk, Tuvalu isnt sinking, any reef damage is because they MINED it to use for building tourist accom and for sale to tourists. Placing temp gauges IN Airports is a great way to get higher temps isnt it, especially near runways and tarmac. the ARGO Buoys have been recording LOWER sea temps since 03…and the AGW mob have conveniently omitted to tell people about that detail. Gates is in with Monsatan, and pushing GM food. Its all a crock of lies! and people need to wake up and stop supporting these lying bastards.

    • someone first called this phenomenon, “the voice of controlled opposition”

      it is very much the favored technique of elites – to infiltrate genuine populist causes and lead them away from their primary goal

      we see it in every single social movement – not just environmentalism

      hell, I think the earth firsters have the best idea – their strategy is to operate quietly, stay unorganized, hit and run actions conducted by just a few people who trust each other implicitly.

      Think about how effective the FBI was in infiltrating the Chicago Black Panthers. Their inside man made it to the number 2 spot in the organization.

      psyops agents are good at what they do, when outright bribery doesn’t work.

      I read a great piece about this re enviro-orgs – I might have even posted it here – the author catalogued the donations of several eco-orgs, pointing out how their talking points changed after an infusion of cash

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  4. I really liked the information on your site and I’ve started growing some of my own food on an annual basis. I would just like to find out how I can do more?

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