WY Lawmakers ready to discuss food freedom law; raw milk

By Joshua Wolfson

The debate over easing restrictions on home-produced foods in Wyoming will resume next week when lawmakers meet in Buffalo.

The Wyoming Legislature’s Agricultural Committee is set to discuss a handful of proposed bills that could make it easier for residents to purchase things like raw milk and meat directly from farmers and ranchers.

Proponents of the Wyoming Food Freedom movement say informed consumers should be able to purchase whatever foods they wish, without government interference. Regulators counter that loosening the state’s food safety laws will increase the likelihood of food-borne illnesses.

We detailed the debate back in May and you can read about it here.

According to Sue Wallis, a Republican representative from Recluse who’s been advocating for easing the restrictions, the agricultural committee will actually be looking at two different bills. One would “deal with the issue of preventing food inspector interference in local gatherings” like potlucks and school fundraisers. The second goes farther and would “prevent interference in any transaction between a producer and an informed end consumer.”

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One response to “WY Lawmakers ready to discuss food freedom law; raw milk

  1. When I was about 4 years old my family owned a dairy farm in Iowa. When my father and his brothers milked the cows I would go out to the barn and they had a special tin cup for me hanging by a nail and I would drink cup after cup strait from the cow it was wonderful. Well things have changed now; farms and co-ops are being raided by officers of the FDA guns drawn trying to stop people from enjoying the health benefits of raw milk. There are only two reasons for this farce and it has nothing to do with health safety. It is all about a huge dairy industry that does not want business and profits to change. And the FDA that does not want the public to think for themselves and choose health over the FDA’s antiquated laws. Good for you Wyoming tell the feds where to go. Paul

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