Chilliwack raw-milk dairy heads back to court

By Brian Lewis
The Province

According to reports, Queen Elizabeth — the sprightly 84-year-old who has ruled Britannia for 58 years now — drinks raw milk. (Image of Alice Jongerden)

It’s also said that Her Majesty is so keen on it that when grandsons princes William and Harry were at Eton, raw milk from the monarch’s Windsor dairy herd was delivered daily to them at the school.

Therefore, given the long life of our noble Queen, how come B.C. bureaucrats — especially those entrenched at the administration-heavy Fraser Health Authority — are making such a fuss about a micro raw-milk dairy in Chilliwack that produces its unpasteurized product only for its shareholders?

For several years, Fraser Health has been trying to shut down the Home On The Range dairy from producing raw milk and associated products for its approximately 450 shareholders.

Raw-milk advocates believe that while pasteurization does kill the nasty bugs — if they’re present, that is — the heating process also destroys useful, health-giving enzymes in the milk. But health officials counter that raw milk is dangerous and its consumption can lead to serious illness, just like booze or cigarettes.

But unlike many jurisdictions in Europe and in some U.S. states, raw milk cannot be distributed to the public in B.C. That’s why Home on the Range established itself as a shareowner dairy. This type of livestock boarding/sharing structure, by the way, goes back many years in English law.

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4 responses to “Chilliwack raw-milk dairy heads back to court

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  2. For you folks in BC I would like to nail this down real good here so there is no doubt about just how wrong the FDA is in the USA.

    Vonderplanitz and Campbell Douglass’s testimony on Raw Milk, this is probably the best reference for anyone who wants the truth about Raw vs Pasteurized Milk so they can make up their own minds using the scientific facts. Below are just two interesting tidbits from this report that drives a stake right where it belongs between the eyes of the FDA.

    Throughout USA, for nearly 40 years, millions of people drank over 3 billion glasses of Alta Dena Dairy’s raw milk and there was not one epidemic, and not one proved case of foodborne illness because of it (Exhibit K, p. 58).

    Some Outbreaks Attributed to Bacterial Food-poisoning from PASTEURIZED MILK..16
    • 1945?1,492 cases for the year in the U.S.A.
    • 1945?1 outbreak, 300 cases in Phoenix, Arizona.
    • 1945?Several outbreaks, 468 cases of gastroenteritis, 9 deaths, in Great Bend, Kansas.
    • 1978?1 outbreak, 68 cases in Arizona.
    • 1982?over 17,000 cases of yersinia enterocolitica in Memphis, Tenn.
    • 1982?172 cases, with over 100 hospitalized from a three-Southern-state area.
    • 1983?1 outbreak, 49 cases of listeriosis in Massachusetts.
    • 1984?August, 1 outbreak S. typhimurium, approximately 200 cases, at one plant in Melrose
    Park, IL.
    • 1984?November, 1 outbreak S. typhimurium, at same plant in Melrose Park, IL.
    • 1985?March, 1 outbreak, 16,284 confirmed cases, at same plant in Melrose Park, IL.
    • 1985?197,000 cases of antimicrobial-resistant Salmonella infections from one dairy in
    • 1985?1,500+ cases, Salmonella culture confirmed, in Northern Illinois.
    • 1993?2 outbreaks statewide, 28 cases Salmonella infection.
    • 1994?3 outbreaks, 105 cases, E. Coli & Listeria in California.
    • 1995?1 outbreak, 3 cases in California.
    • 1996?2 outbreaks Campylobactor and Salmonella, 48 cases in California.
    • 1997?2 outbreaks, 28 cases Salmonella in California.

    Take that FDA and put it where the sun does not shine.

    Dr. Paul Blake, N.D.

  3. charmaine calvert

    Interesting article and very interesting statistics from Dr Blake. I’ve bookmarked this article for future reference. Thanks.

  4. Verrry interesting. THank you for the info, Dr. Blake. And yes, the FDA needs to have something shoved where the sun don’t shine!

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