Mad Soy Disease Strikes Brazil

Dr. Mae-Wan Ho
Institute of Science in Society

They call it “mad soy disease” in Brazil, where it has been spreading from the north, causing yield losses of up to 40 percent, most notably in the states of Mato Grosso, Tocantins and Goias. Like its namesake, mad cow disease, it is incurable [1, 2, 3].

This is the latest GMO fiasco to surface since our report on the meltdown in the USA [4] (GM Crops Facing Meltdown in the USA, SiS 46), China [5] (GM-Spin Meltdown in China, SiS 47), and Argentina [6] (Argentina’s Roundup Human Tragedy, SiS 48).

Mad soy disease has afflicted soybeans sporadically in the hot northern regions of Brazil in the past years, but is now spreading to more temperate regions in the south “with increased prevalence overall”, according to a US Department of Agriculture scientist.

The disease delays the maturation of infected plants indefinitely; the plants remain green until they eventually rot in the field. The top leaves thin out, and the stems thicken and become deformed. The leaves also darken compared to healthy plants; the pods, when formed, are abnormal with fewer beans.

Researchers have yet to find a cure for the disease, as they are still not sure what causes it. The prime suspect for spreading disease is the black mite found in stubble when soybean is grown in no-till production systems.

According to the USDA Global Agricultural Information Network, Brazil has 24 million ha planted to soybean, 78 percent of which are GM [3]. Apart from mad soy disease, Brazil’s soybean is simultaneously afflicted by soybean Asian rust that first appeared in 2001-2002.  Producer groups are requesting the Brazilian Government Agency to speed up approval of more effective fungicide to combat the disease, which would have significant cost implications. But for mad soy disease, no cure is forthcoming. Mato Grosso, which alone produces nearly 30 percent of Brazil’s soybean crop, is among the states that have brought the issue of mad soy disease “to the forefront”.

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8 responses to “Mad Soy Disease Strikes Brazil

  1. Monsanto makes life-destroying strains of sterile seeds, for PROFIT.

  2. It is defeat nature and hurry up and make a profit thinking of Monsanto and companies like it with the governments blessings. They leave a trail of misery and disaster where ever they go. Agent Orange, Aspartame, PCB’s, rBGH, DDT, Dioxins, Pesticides, glyphosate and GMO’s

  3. So are soy products safe to eat? Which ones are not GMO products? (I’ve read about this, but does anyone have a handy guide?) Thanks, Rady!

    • hey, Marj ~ I’ve read that something like 90% of soy in the US is GM. you can buy non-gm soy – check out the Non GMO Project which verifies products do not contain GMOs.

  4. GMO crops spread disease to plants: 40+ diseases linked to Monsanto Glyphosate GM empire
    author: Kimberly Dawley, & Dr. Shiv Chopra, of ISIS

    This was sent to me and it finally explains what I have been trying to get through to the Illinois Extension Service minions.

    For about 10 years now I have been reporting that tomatoes stay green on the vine (if they fruit at all) until the damned frost comes to kill the plant.

    “I’ve never heard of that before…”

    Most of my garden this year (the part that survived the clouds of RoundUp) did the GO DORMANT AND DON’T GROW trick of the Mad Soy.

    You see, in the days of Atrazine and other gender-swapping chemicals like that, (2,4-D, etc) the garden would take a hit for about 2 weeks and then start growing again. Perhaps they vomited out the chemical spray.

    But I have watched over the years of GMO crops and RoundUp overspray the two things mentioned in this article: Inhibited maturity and Lethal Mold and I can tell you it isn’t any f**king mite or any other insect vector.

    One of the first three emails that I send out to listmembers includes the government evaluation of the overuse of RoundUp and the virulence of Fusarium Mold.

    They created this.

    It is hitting the WORLD.

    If you think you can live safely in a city when the food supply diminishes.

    Think again.

    If you think you can live in the country and grow your own food when the food won’t grow.

    Think again.

    It is time for action instead of sitting in front of terminals being titillated by all of the scary bad news.

    P.S. You have to love the ISIS database.

    From Dr. Shiv Chopra The Institute Of Science In Society
    Science Society Sustainability

    Now look what they’ve created!! Next we’ll see heads of grain with eyes blinking…

    And don’t forget the FDA says that Americans have no Constitutional right to select their own FOOD….

    Mad Soy Disease Strikes Brazil
    By Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

  5. Think of the money to be made with NEW horror movies, where the food we eat becomes the flesh-eating zombies! I personally believe that the GM foods and glyphosate and related chemicals are responsible single-handedly for White Nose Syndrome in bats, and the CCD in the bees. But what the hell do I know anyway?

  6. charmaine calvert

    Another excellent article. I’m more than a few days late and many dollars short but my inbox is so overwhelmed with daily actions I’m struggling to sign, comment and read them all. If GMO’s are so damn good then why is hunger in the USA, Canada and so many other places in the world such a critical issue?? GMO’s have had more than 20 years to prove their worth. Instead they have proven quite the opposite and sadly so many farmers are still supporting Monsanto as can be seen from blogs on aggri sites. It’s distressing how easily people can find justification for the harm they are causing!

  7. Not only have MONSANTO FFFFFed up the plants their GE efforts have started attacking human beings, lookup Morgellons disease, it is linked to an Agrobacteria that Monsanto have been using to inject DNA into soy, cotton and corn embryonic cells to create their “ROUNDUP READY” range of seedstocks.
    The Agro bacteria were enhanced to inject a part of the genetic code of a bacteria that is resistant to “Roundup” (Glyphosphate) into the plant cells and is now attacking Human cells.
    This causes itching, pain lesions, fibres growing out of the skin, lehtargy confusion, memory loss and eventually a very painfull death!!
    STOP THIS INSANITY MONSANTO (Or is this what you really want??)

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