Watch What in the World Are They Spraying?


Finally! Watch the entire film, What in the World Are They Spraying, by G. Edward Griffin, Michael J. Murphy, and Paul Whittenberger. (2010, 98 mins)

In case the above link should fail in the future, here’s the youtube version:


In case that link gets yanked, here’s the full film in segments:

Go HERE to purchase a DVD, make copies, and spread the word.

22 responses to “Watch What in the World Are They Spraying?

  1. Margaret Bartley

    I would like to buy this video and share it with people, but it is overpriced for me at $20. They cost pennies to make, maybe a $2 to mail.

    I think they would more than double their sales if they lowered the price to $10.

    • Hi Margaret ~ it may cost pennies to reproduce the film on DVD, but they took months to make it (think of their salary) and spent thousands of dollars on the project. Yes, $20 seems steep, but it goes toward a good cause.

  2. Margaret Bartley: Pennies to make?! Are you insane? Labor cost of filming, editing, production…

  3. charmaine calvert

    Wow. I’m gobsmacked. Is this really happening? How do we know for sure? Can the increase in alluminium and other heavy metals in some soils be from something else? I’m going to check out their site. Thank you for another very interesting article.

  4. @ charmaine I know for sure. I have been witnessing these operations from my home near CFB Comox for a year-and-half. I have seen and felt cloud formation being manipulated, and changes in temperature and precipitation on a near-daily basis all over Vancouver Island (we have CFB Esqimalt on the south end of the island, and Victoria has been hit particularly hard by the spraying). I moved away from the Comox Valley a month ago and already I am seeing improvements in my health. Unfortunately, however, I have discovered that I am infected with Morgellon’s, which I am convinced is the result of these clandestine spraying operations. I have made it my mission to do everything in my power to stop chemtrails and right now I feel the most important thing we can be doing is awakening as many people as we can to these horrific crimes against humanity. The solution is for us all to be working collectively to restore justice on this planet, bringing our own unique strengths and ideas to the table, and this cannot take place unless people know what is happening. Let’s take our planet back!

  5. Yea, this stuff is insane. To think this just goes on unchecked, with no regard for its effects.

    Perhaps going on because of it’s effects. I agree 100% the word has to get out, everyone I talk to has seen these and just, really, thought nothing of it.

    I have written those in my state to investigate and halt these chem trail over Delaware, I fear I will just be taken as a crazy person. The proof is in our face, it is just too unbelievable. In adition, posts such as this and the debate I started at help to get the word out to more people.

    It is essential that something be done. The effects of doing nothing are too vast and far reaching to public health and future prosperity. This is just one more example of money run a muck.

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  7. This is happening in Phoenix as well some days the mountains are blanketed by white haze. It is very scary to think we are being sprayed!

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  9. i was zo blij dat ze zouden stoppen met chemtrails, helaas zie ik ze nog niet meer als zoveel maar 7 8 en 9 februari waren ze er weer masaal aanwezig in de plaats waar ik woon drenthe nederland. en ja vandaag bewolking!. maak me er echt zorgen over dit moet stoppen, ik blijf het in de gaten houden

  10. New Movie from Director of “What in the World are they Spraying”!

  11. We need to start on the local level by going to town hall meetings and CALLING our Congressman – insisting that the spraying be stopped in our community. Also calling local news channels for more investigations into these trails. They want to remain neutral but lets force the issue. The “Tea Party” started on the local level. What’s stopping us from creating a movement in the same manner. Turn off the Kardashians, the Viagra Commercials, The House Wives, MTV, internet Porn and every form of dumbing down out there!!! I pledge to send this link to everyone I can.

  12. i have seen this day after day in Hamilton Ontario Canada. The planes come from the Usa side.. Niagara Falls and fly due north in rows. The draw even X’s in the sky that is how sinister they are that nobody really looks up into the sky. Hamilton Ontario has one of the highest rates of diabetes in Ontario. The amount of spraying over the last few years has grown larger. I wonder if these hospitals are involved in the experiement etc.
    It’s a crime what they are doing. but when you talk about to others they think your crazy and laugh. This is serious stuff and our Gov’t should be held accountable why this is being done.

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  14. Barb Anderson

    I wish I had a credit card..Worland, WY thinks I am nuts, yet, I have been diagnosed very recently, with chemically induced asthma. I have never, never had cardio pulmonary problems until about three months ago when they strated sprayed us..not a lot at first, now we have it 24/7 and at about 100% 90% of the time….indeed, this is for depopulation as there is not global warming except by US research..this planet has always warmed and cooled. It has flipped its polars and it has reversed its spin through the eons of time. Do these elite think that they are exempt from this? Do they not realize that when they go somewhere to visit a relative or a friend that that relative or friend has been poisoned because of them…and what pilot would fly and deliver this crap if..the really understood they are killing their babies, friend and other relatives? This is awful..USA is the worst terrorist on this planet..why, because this is not our culture!

  15. Barb Anderson

    Went to order, cannot find a place to check out and pay for the item. Any help out there would be appreciated..just know this old lady is overlooking it somehow.

  16. Can I just say what a comfort to uncover someone who really knows what they are discussing on the web. You definitely understand how to bring a problem to light and make it important. A lot more people have to look at this and understand this side of the story. I was surprised you’re not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

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