Cow shares proliferate in reaction to FDA war on natural foods

David Gumpert reports that Massachusetts has resumed war footing with threats against a one-cow herdshare. Brigitte Ruthman, the raw dairy operator who got a cease-and-desist order for her one-cow herdshare, says private food arrangements are springing up in the “Make It Yours” state, where even the Governor drinks raw milk.

MA Resumes War Footing with Threats Against One-Cow Herdshare–How Much Does Raw-Milk-Drinking Guv Know?

By David E. Gumpert

When I try to make sense out of what is happening to Estrella Family Creamery and Morningland Dairy, about all I can conclude is that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is on a vendetta to eliminate anyone involved in the raw dairy business.

In the case of Estrella and Morningland, the FDA is seeking to drive out of business not just a couple of cheesemakers, but a couple of cheesemakers focused on producing the highest quality product possible.

Sometimes I think that everyone involved in raw dairy and selling to the general public should have a “go-private” option, as in a buying club, a CSA, a herd share, or some variation on the theme…with the understanding that even the seemingly fail-safe private option is under tremendous pressure.

A case in point is Brigitte Ruthman, the Massachusetts raw dairy operator who was served with a cease-and-desist order last spring for having a one-cow herdshare, discovered on Friday. She had set up the herdshare after being advised by an inspector for the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources that coming into compliance for a state raw-milk permit could run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

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6 responses to “Cow shares proliferate in reaction to FDA war on natural foods

  1. Here’s an idea I’ll have to tell my friends who have a cow-share. When harassed by these state wonks one should just act dumb and say, “My friends come over and help me milk my cow. I don’t know what they do with the milk.” ;-p

  2. Just a personal note: When I was still pretty young, but not too young to have my own evolving and independent mind, and I learned what had been done to the Native American peoples by this country (US), I ceased being a fan of this country. I ceased ‘pledging allegiance’.

    In ceasing to be a fan, in ceasing my allegiance, I became a family farmer. This I felt was my best way to operate and to live in independence and proud spirit and not support this country except in the barest most minimal sense; while still supporting people in a general way and of course, trying my hardest, under the circumstances, to live in harmony with the earth. I (our family) grew and provided nutritious food and we loved the earth and its creatures while doing so! Does anybody understand this? Does anybody take this to be valuable?

    So, I (our family) was wiped out as a farmer. They ( this country, its policy-makers and the people who blindly follow) are doing to family farmers exactly what they did to Native Americans, before us. I have very little hope anymore.

    And this is wrong.


  3. You have the support of many many small cowshares! Here in the North they are trying to do the same thing but people are standing up and saying NO! It is time we took back our rights to the food we eat. They will soon lose favor with the general public if they continue to waste tax dollars hunting down and arresting innocent farmers who are only doing what our ancestors have done for hundreds of years. Feeding the people healthy, nutritious, unadulterated whole raw food.
    A single cow agister was just arrested and assulted in Edmonton Alberta for trying to deliver 1 gallon of milk to a shareholder.
    It’s time for a revolt. Just keep producing.
    Blessed are the farmers.

  4. Keep milking, keep drinking, keep being humane, and keep being you. The most radical act is that of doing what you know is right. When they trip you up, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.

  5. Every body picks on the “little guy”, I don’t understand why because they can’t be such a threat to large farms.

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