Protect yourself from cancer-causing heavy metals: DIY Chelation

By Paul Fassa
Natural News

PART II. We live in a toxic soup of heavy metals. Many of them create severe neurological consequences, and some of them are carcinogenic. It’s possible to avoid some heavy metal contamination, but not all of it. We need to be constantly detoxing and chelating.

The word chelate means pincer like claw. The medical field uses this word to indicate the action of grabbing heavy metals and taking them away. The grabbing is electronic. Chelation agents have negative ions that attract the positive ions of heavy metals.

In some cases, this bonding neutralizes the toxin into a harmless molecule. Ideally, most chelation involves bonding and escorting the toxins out the body through proper elimination channels.

Some FDA approved chelation agents, DMPS, DMSA, and EDTA can be dangerous or only partially effective. But there are natural remedies that are safe and effective.

The FDA Approved Versions

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) is the pharmaceutical staple for chelating lead and iron. It has a level of efficacy with those metals, but according to Dr. Alan Greenburg, EDTA is harmful for those who have mercury amalgams. Then the mercury overwhelms the EDTA and creates an even more toxic brew. He considers EDTA`s tendency of eliminating through the kidneys problematic.

EDTA, DMSA, and DMPS are harsh Rx chelation agents. In addition to exposing these FDA approved chelation drug inadequacies and potential problems, Dr. Greenburg, Dr. Dietrich Klinhardt, and Dr. Isaac Eliaz all support natural, less harsh approaches to detoxing heavy metals. They endorse various natural chelation agents of their own that are gradual and effective at chelating mercury as well as all other heavy metals.

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4 responses to “Protect yourself from cancer-causing heavy metals: DIY Chelation

  1. This is a great informative post. I did a heavy metals screening with a naturopath a couple of years ago and did not like the result. They prescribed chelation and I did a couple of treatments but it was DMSA and I backed off when I started to read some of the things that you’re sharing here. I’ll shop for some of these items this weekend.

  2. good to have his info backed up on how bad the FDA-approved methods can be.

    it’s interesting that we have to keep up chelation therapy, but it makes sense given we are continually exposed to metals (from chemtrails, no doubt)

    did you read last week or so that the FDA is going after 8 companies that sell alternative chelation products? It’s letting the company that killed a child slide, tho.

  3. In my opinion, the natural choice is always better. I heard that natural chelating agents are amino acids, obtained from proteins such as meats, fish and eggs. If you don’t have a choice, you should use the chemical agents because they probably are faster but you never know about the side effects.

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