Leaked trade agreements and hidden dangers of S 510: Corporations plan to end normal farming

By M. Gardner
Food Freedom

Canada’s National Farmers Union wants the Canada-EU trade deal scrapped. US farmers face the same assault by agribusiness and the biotech industry under S 510.

Epoch Times noted: “Under provisions in CETA [Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement], using saved seed could result in a farmer’s land, equipment, and crops being seized for alleged infringement of intellectual property rights attached to plant varieties owned by corporations such as Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, and Bayer. 

“It includes the freezing of bank accounts too, so you couldn’t even defend yourself in court. And this is for alleged infringement,” says NFU president Terry Boehm. …

“These are the most draconian measures possible and they would literally create a culture of fear in the farm population where, I think, that ultimately farmers would end up buying seeds every year for every acre just to avoid prosecution or the threat of prosecution.”

The biotech industry is facing exposure of the health dangers of GMO/pesticide dependent crops, of attacks on scientists (even armed ones), and GMOs’ poor crop performance across different crops, public outrage at no labeling of GMOs, media scorn at its humiliatingly poor science, and falling stock value. Is the industry now attempting an end run around all this, by trying to criminalize and thus end normal (organic) farming – its increasingly sought after, healthy, higher-performing competition?

Given the “draconian property rights enforcement measures” the biotech corporations wish put into effect through the Canada-EU free trade agreement, one might wonder.

US farmers face the same assault by their own government on behalf of agribusiness and the biotech industry. S 510, a “food safety” bill waiting for the Senate return, would put the US fully under the WTO and thus harmonize with CETA. It is replete with means to do to American farmers what the EU/Canada CETA plan would do to Canadian ones – and potentially more, including surreptitiously arranging to criminalize agricultural water, manure, essential farming equipment, and seed storage.

41 words inside S 510 would make the US subject to CETA.


“Nothing in this Act (or an amendment made by this Act) shall be construed in a manner inconsistent with the agreement establishing the World Trade Organization or any other treaty or international agreement to which the United States is a party.”

The significance of those words in S 510 is that they would end the Uruguay Round Agreement Act of 1994, which put US sovereignty and US law under perfect protection. Under S 510, US law would become subservient to the WTO, a corporate organization. Votes in the US would not matter. The decisions on food, energy, health, resources, and US economic policy would be made the very corporations responsible for contaminating food, oil spills, dangerous drugs, theft of common resources, and destroying the economy.

The enforcement powers created by S 510 (assuming it resembles other “food safety” bills) would be unlimited and apply to everyone in the country who “holds” food (does anyone not?).

S 510, a “food safety” bill, would (using sections from other food safety bills) set up a corporate court outside the constitutional court system. The expectation is that it would be run by Monsanto, just as “food safety” at the FDA is now, with Monsanto involved at every level. It would exist without Congressional oversight, with unlimited and unspecified remedies, “in addition to, and not exclusive of, other remedies that may be available,” and without judicial review over even “the validity and appropriateness of the order …”

That upturning of all sense (orders that don’t have to be appropriate or valid) is a window into the extremity of power being sought by the corporations through S 510. That power would include total discretion to punish anyone they may wish. And in removing appropriateness and validity, their orders would not have to relate to food at all and could be used against anyone, applying any form of “remedy” they desire. Nothing whatever is excluded.

The merger of corporate and government power is defined as fascism.

LIMITATION ON REVIEW– In a civil action under paragraph (1), the validity and appropriateness of the order of the Administrator assessing the civil penalty shall not be subject to judicial review.

[Unless someone has died from a food related issue, which would put the case into a real criminal court, everything else would be “dealt with” as a civil penalty. S 510 includes long prison terms for mistakes in paperwork and “labeling” (to be defined at the discretion of those in charge), and from the leaked EU/Canada trade plans, seizures of farmers’ crops and equipment and freezing of bank accounts are clearly sought.]

“Remedies Not Exclusive- The remedies provided in this section are in addition to, and not exclusive of, other remedies that may be available.”

While not listed as a civil “remedy” but treated as disease prevention, slaughter of their animals is another Orwellian measure within S 510 which goes well beyond seizures to military arrangements with the DOD and DHS. They would come onto farms and slaughter normal animals if any disease outbreak is announced, regardless of harmlessness. “Valid and appropriate” do not matter.

If you doubt this, consider all the raids on private food arrangements, where no contamination was found, or where the contamination was miniscule. All product has been seized or ordered destroyed, though no one became ill. S 510 would grant the FDA even more power than it already has.

This is not a “food safety” bill, as even a short overview of S 510 makes clear.

S 510 offers numerous ways for corporations to get rid of farmers and take their land. The astounding falsity of forcing farmers (or anyone with a farm animal) to sign onto a international contract in which they lose their rights to their property is transparent. Taking global coordinates of the size and shape of farmers’ land and feeding them into a corporate data bank, has nothing to do with tracing animal diseases. Farmers’ addresses are known.

But the USDA lie about wanting to stop animal diseases grows especially repugnant when one with awareness that the USDA is actually working against the vehement protests of cattle ranchers, to import potentially diseased animals from Brazil and to transfer an off-shore animal disease lab to Kansas, the heart of cattle country and the most tornado prone state in the country, while it’s well known that it was lab leaks in the UK which led to the slaughter of millions of cattle, whether ill or not.

Such mass slaughter of animals is structured by S 510 and is yet another gift to the biotech industry for without the extermination of normal animals, their investment in GE-animals and GMO meat is worthless.

The corporations, faced with public upset at ravages of industrial agriculture and the contaminated food coming out of it, are using fear of food, fear of minor animal diseases (including a faked H1N1 pandemic still promoted by government agencies), and lies and fraud to try to eliminate real farming in the US and to facilitate the theft of all US farmland.

The greed and hubris of S 510 pales in comparison to its unconstitutionality and danger to life.

The grassroots are saying no to S 510, each in their own idioms, whether by referring to the Constitution or to the Founding Fathers and to rights or to patriotism. Across the political spectrum, people are coming together to reject S 510 on constitutional and human rights grounds, and the plans of those behind this extreme corporate bill.

The corporate attempt to end US farming and set up their own court system over all Americans far outstrips the destruction of jobs, the forcing of millions from their homes, Citizens United, and the Wall Street theft. Now, through S 510, the corporations seek to remove all bounds on what they themselves do, on what they can do to any who oppose them, and on what they can seize. And this is only on the food side.

The threats to health are as profound. S 510 would remove the long sought cure for cancer as well as cures for an endless array of diseases, by removing access to supplements (one in particular). S 510 would suppress a medical revolution poised to free mankind from all fear of disease, leaving the country instead at the mercy of a pharmaceutical industry with a disturbing history and recent threatening actions with vaccines.

With S 510, those behind GMOs, vaccines, and drugs seek to remove access to normal farming, normal food and to nutrition (health) itself. They are seeking total dominance over what sustains life and over people.

S 510 is not a food safety bill. What is it, then? Is it a corporate enabling act? Does it open the door to corporate control over all Americans, all food supplies and health resources, and all US farmland?

Canada’s National Farmers Union is demanding that the draconian trade plans with the EU be scrapped. Will groups here demand the same of S 510?

69 responses to “Leaked trade agreements and hidden dangers of S 510: Corporations plan to end normal farming

  1. Corporations’ behavior is filthy and inhumane. I avoid doing business with agribus and big pharma because they are so cynical about human life, let’s put them out of business.

    • This is a No-Brainer. Non-GMO premium corn genetics are designed for yield, with no compromise for standability or drydown. Products are carefully chosen to match trait rotation systems, IRM refuge areas, and premium markets. You’ll see the benefit of leading genetics when compared to other hybrids on your farm – with or without traits.

  2. I would like to see one or more days even indefinitely where certain products are picked out that upset the profits of these corporations Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, and Bayer. And then across at least the USA the products are boycotted so they remember who is in charge. This was the type of tactics used by Gandhi in India to get rid of British rule and it brought the British government to their knees and the bargaining table.

  3. I wonder about the validity of the UN worldwide moratorium on weather modification… it seems to add to the big picture going down here. Make the soil inhospitable to normal seeds and the people will beg Monsanto for their specially modified seeds that grow in aluminum soil.

    I expect November 2 voter outcomes will have many in the senate casting their ouster revenge votes for this bill. Is it still difficult to see how it is all set up from the beginning? Can we look for fairness or logic in the now corporate owned Supreme Court? Looks like no escape from Civil War.

  4. They are exactly the same bunch that the free world fought in WW II. The only difference is they are Nazi’s with suits on instead of uniforms.

  5. What we see is an insult to nature and common sense. It can’t even be shrouded in a cloak of “maybe it isn’t evil” anymore. You can’t hurt them that are at the top with boycotts. The time to not feed the beast was years ago. Anyone who was awake back then can tell you that it was common knowledge that by the time everyone wakes up, it will be too late. I would like to be wrong on that, but what I see tells me otherwise.

    They are on schedule and well underway with their depopulation program. Imagine 9 out of 10 people you know… imagine them gone. That’s what we’re facing. Mass awareness is needed… mass love and enlightenment. Reaching across race and age barriers (as defined and given to us by the self-anointed elite)… reaching out to military and law enforcement. We are all one and it is our world and we can stop it without firing a single shot, but we need all of us.

    I can think of no single more important thing we should be doing beyond speaking out and acting in every way possible to thwart and resist this tyranny. Let them suffer a death by six billion cuts. Godspeed.

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  8. Face it, the S510 bill is about one thing, total control over the human population. You would think that money is the most controlling device a government can use on it’s people, but it’s food. Without a doubt it’s food. What good is money when a loaf of bread is $200, and Monsanto won’t let you grow a vegtable garden.

  9. @ Joe in JT……..

    and -that $200 loaf of bread is genetically engineered to cause disease in your body. It’s a win-win for the control phreaks.

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  13. Patrick Desjardins

    A great change is needed. This all started during the 18th century when the European wheat cartel engineered the regime change in France by creating a shortage of wheat/flour leading to the Revolution which removed Louis XVI who was a strong proponent of a real free market and opposed the cartel demands for price fixing. That model has been used by the following food cartels ever since. Nationalization of such criminal organizations is the only way governments can reclaim their balls. But, money talks louder than ethics or courage.

    • the tree of liberty needs watering

    • In reference to the potato…”France will thank you some day for having found bread for the poor,” Louis XVI told Parmentier.

      Even though the royal family tried to promote the potato it did not catch on leaving the country starving which led to the revolution. The rest of Europe had no problems feeding the people because they all bought into the potato.

      I could see how the wheat catel of that time would have a problem with this.

      • BTW. France was the only country that had a revolution during that time. They were also the only country starving to death.

  14. I like Dr. Blake’s idea. When I checked to see what kind of products to start boycotting. I was surprised to see that Dow alone has 563 products from A to Z except for X & Y.

    This is part of the Monsanto pledge.

    Respect – We will respect the religious, cultural, and ethical concerns of people throughout the world. The safety of our employees, the communities where we operate, our customers, consumers, and the environment will be our highest priority. – From reading the few short links to other sites about this company, they all seem to be telling us Monsanto has failed in their pledge to the public.

    I didn’t look into the other companies Dr. Blake mentioned, but no doubt they are up to no good.

    Wanda may be right that we cannot hurt them with boycott’s, but getting the world’s people together and for them to put away their differences… I just don’t think that is going to happen. Nice idea, but by the time you get a few hundred thousand listening and waiting for the other five and a half billion, those few thousands you had on your side will be no where to found. Like Wanda said, “They are on schedule and well underway with their depopulation program.” That statement is true.

    But, never be discouraged to continue to tell others and point the finger at those that are doing these things to the billions here on planet Earth. They hate that the most and have even said so. I am unable to find the exact quote, but it is something like this. – ‘One person that uncovers to the world those things that we are doing to take control of the masses does more harm to our cause then tens of thousands that we have not yet brought under our control.’ – Close enough, so never shut up. That one person you might tell may be the one that can reach thousands.

  15. I highly recommend watching and sharing the documentary film
    ‘What in The World Are They Spraying?’ by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy available on several sites and a couple trailers are up on youtube. Please buy a copy from the makers at realityzone and THEN make some copies and share with all who watch tv – my friend was barely roused from their trance for a moment (a tv addict) but I learned a few things even though I’ve studied this subject extensively for years and have taken hundreds of pictures of chemically-laced aerosol trails.
    Or if you can’t afford to help the great people who put the film together it is already up on youtube at user IAmAwake86. The dvd is in HD for much of it. They would sure appreciate the sale though, I’m sure.

    • Last Friday, 10/29/10, there was a Chemtrail like as I have never seen before. It stretched from far out into the Pacific and went over the mountains. This one was wider then I have ever seen also. From my point of view it looked like it was over Los Angeles. I went into the house and my roommate called me from Long Beach to tell me to take a look. I told him I had already seen it and I walked out the door to take another look. This was no more then 10 minutes and it now had pasted over half of Orange County. My roommate had said that he and the crew he was working with saw it start the spraying. We live right in the middle of So. CA. Not long after talking with him when I looked for it, it was then over Riverside heading for San Diego. That one was much more on purpose for questionable reasons, like maybe all the prior spraying was to get something into our bodies and this last one was to start an activation process to cause some major illnesses. I did have some sinus trouble the following day.

      Craig. Do you have a website where others can view some of your pictures? Also, can you give a link to your pick of the best websites that explain what is going on. I seem to find only those ones that take you for a ride through the realm of nonsense.

    • What in The World Are They Spraying? can be viewed on vimeo in its entirety

  16. They started decades ago with making plants that grow from the earth illegal i.e. pot, and still control that today. I live on a 100 acre farm, the county and state I live in spends thousands flying helicopters over looking for the stuff. Does anyone really think they will not control the food supply and how it is grown, they already do, and will at that same point of a gun.

  17. It will definitely take a major uprising of THE PEOPLE to destroy these corporations. Everybody is looking for the one Messiah (Anointed One) to rise up and help us defeat these wicked people, but history points out that there will be many Messiahs’ rising from among the people. One from each ethic background of mankind. Remember the Creator is no fool, when it’s time to lock horns with the devil, the Creator comes well prepare.

  18. By the way I’ve left America 5 years ago and now live in Ghana. Africa is the last place where the land can be turned over 7 times before you need man made fertilizer to grow crops and even here, these monsters are busy trying to gobble up large tracks of land.

  19. There’s only one way out, and we all know it. The psychopathic plutocracy of the financial, corporate and political elite are “mad dogs.” Mad dogs cannot be reasoned with, they must be “put down.” Get it???

  20. Incompetent gov’t employees controlling our food, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress, except Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):
    America Deceived II (book)

  21. Most people have no idea the kind of control which is being set up. First it will be on the books as law, then it will be applied in reality.

    You might appreciate this link on the topic of food, farming, and the future:


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  24. Mark my words – I guarantee that many farmers will literally fight to the death if this passes and is enforced!!!

  25. Just to be clear, big corporations want to ban the storing of seeds for the sole purpose of forcing you to buy seeds from them on a yearly basis? Will this apply to everyone with their own garden, or just farmers and what will this mean for the organic farmers?

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  49. It’s good that the information leaked but it should have been caught by the people that wanted to sign the agreement.

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  53. It’s really a great and helpful piece of information. I’m satisfied that you shared this
    useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

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  55. Each new age brought the criminal element forward with it.
    They only want your money and they want as much of it as they can possibly get.
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    messages are automatically delivered to whomever
    you intend.

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