DNA barcoding enables biopiracy, trade inspections

By Natalie Armstrong

Call it a DNA digital Dewey Decimal System for all life on Earth

Every species, from extinct to thriving, is set to get its own DNA barcode in an attempt to better track the ones that are endangered, as well as those being shipped across international borders as food or consumer products. [No sense patenting animal DNA if they don’t know what normal animal DNA is, right? How could they be sure which animals are “theirs” and which belong to Earth? Salmon ID is specifically mentioned, though GE salmon is not. The silver lining is we’ll know when normal animals are infected with transgenes. ~Ed.]

Researchers hope handheld mobile devices will be able to one day read these digital strips of rainbow-colored barcodes — much like supermarket scanners — to identify different species by testing tissue samples on site and comparing them with a digital database.

The International Barcode of Life Project (iBOL), which says it is the world’s first reference library of DNA barcodes and the world’s largest biodiversity genomics project, is being built by scientists using fragments of DNA to create a database of all life forms.

Read the full post at Reuters

8 responses to “DNA barcoding enables biopiracy, trade inspections

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  2. I totally understand the positive results insofar as endangered species commerce is concerned, but why does this make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up???? Oh brave new world, that hath such creatures in it…?
    (The Tempest, Shakespeare).

    • yeah, it creeps me out, too. while this aricle says this is to protect against trade in engangered species, I am so sure it is really about providing biotech firms with basic DNA info which they will certainly modify and claim a patent on.

      like they invented something new, rather than mucked up something that nature created.

      the entire industry is an attack on earth, imo.

  3. Thanks Rady…I was wondering whether I was REALLY being paranoid, or if they were really out to get me. Yea, I was kind of thinking along the same lines as you, only I still feel in my gut that there is more to it than just that…somehow, this goes against life, to my way of thinking, even more than frankenfoods and the lot. Can’t quite find a way to express it fully, but something is rotten in the state of Denmark (yea, also Shakespeare)…

  4. The reason you’re all freaking out about it is because it heralds the forthcoming “Mark of the Beast” foretold in The Revelation of Jesus – He prophesied that there would come a day (now) when mankind would not be able to buy or sell without an ID mark which we know is going to be a chip or implant (Rev 13: 14-17), and given how we’ve all happily signed up to such things for our animals and even children in some cases, it won’t be long before someone suggests applying the same protocol to mankind – then you will REALLY need to be on your guard, as scripture maintains that those who take that mark will incur God’s Wrath and never, never be able to be saved nor enter heaven!! Be afraid, be VERY afraid!!!

    • Even without the biblical reference, I am totally opposed to microchipping humans and animals. Big Brother (or should I say Big Bother) has no business knowing where my animals are, and certainly no business knowing my movements.

  5. We are NOT “freaking out” as you say. I would argue you about microchipping our animal companions, as that has resulted in some miraculous reunions against all odds, and saved many lives. I do not subscribe to your version or the Judeo-Christian bible version of things, although I admit that revelations is a truly intriguing book. Anyone who gives IN to ANY fear has given their freedom away, bit by bit. COURAGE is what we need, and that is the courage of our path to Truth. As Mahatma Gandhi once said: “There is no God higher than Truth”.

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