The Grinch Who Stole My Happy Meal

By Benjamin Barr
Wyoming Reporter

This week, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors decided to pass an ordinance banning fast food restaurants from giving out toys with certain children’s meals.  You might have guessed it – there’s an alarming government emergency driving this ban:  Childhood obesity.  That’s right, fat kids are coming to a city near you soon.

Eric Mar, the City Supervisor who proposed the ordinance, explained that the “epidemic of childhood obesity in this country is making people sick, making our kids sick, particularly kids from low-income neighborhoods.”  His solution:  Give government the authority to wedge itself between parents and children in the name of public health.

“Food justice” is a term keenly kicked about by Mar, which amounts to government deciding how parents may feed their children.  The movement has taken some time to develop, with the city of Tiburon, California being the first to ban trans fat oils in 2005, followed by a slew of other jurisdictions.  “Food justice” amounts to a form of dietary paternalism – government knows best how to feed you and your family.

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2 responses to “The Grinch Who Stole My Happy Meal

  1. If MacDonalds hamburgers are laced with 35 chemicals I would not as a caring parent ever start the habit in the first place. None of my 5 children ever were allowed near MacDonalds in the first place because I cared. We are the government Sir and you should be thankful there are some who are concerned and doing something about it when others are irresponsible and support the corporate junk food.

    • this misses the point, Elaine. Of course most of us would never eat this chemical crap — but we don’t need laws telling us what to eat or not to eat. Humans have done fine for over 150,000 years without some group of control freaks deciding such a personal matter for us.

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