Make Compost in 3 Weeks with a Hot Composting System

By Sami Grover

Having built a mixed pile of animal bedding, raw manure, crop wastes, and cardboard scraps, we left the heap for a few days to warm up. When we came back, our teacher asked each of us to roll up our sleeves and stick our arm into a hole in the heap—the experience was astounding. Having gotten over the typical urbanite’s squeamishness of putting our hand in a pile of poop, we were amazed at how difficult it was to keep your arm in for more than a few seconds.

For those wanting to try all this for themselves, the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia has a great account by Alex McCausland of Strawberry Fields Eco-Lodge of their super-fast 3-week hot composting system. Using a series of small pits dug into the ground, McCausland and his colleagues pile up a carefully layered mixture of crop waste and dry grasses, kitchen scraps, and animal manure (at a ratio of 3:2:1). The mix is constantly watered as the pile is built, and the layers are repeated 3 times. After this, a small amount of compost from an existing heap is added to ensure a “starter” of the appropriate bacteria, and holes are punched through from top to bottom to allow heat to rise and oxygen to circulate. The mixture is then allowed to heat up for 3-5 days before being turned to ensure even decomposition, and the destruction of weed seeds throughout the pile.

Within 3 weeks, says McCausland, he has a beautiful, fertile and fluffy humus ready for use in the lodge’s vegetable gardens. Next up, the team plan to make a compost-powered water heater to provide hot showers for themselves and their guests. (See the trailer to Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Soils for an idea of what this might look like.)

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4 responses to “Make Compost in 3 Weeks with a Hot Composting System

  1. Don’t forget your coffee grounds in that compost mix!!!! 🙂

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