China jails tainted milk whistleblower


A Chinese activist who campaigned for compensation for victims of a 2008 contaminated baby milk scandal has been jailed for two-and-a-half years. Zhao Lianhai, whose child was among the 300,000 made ill by the milk, was convicted of inciting social disorder.  Mr Zhao had previously worked for the country’s food quality and safety authority.

Mr Zhao founded a website to provide information for parents after it was found milk formula had been laced with the industrial chemical melamine to give it a high protein-content reading. At least six babies died.

“It is such a harsh sentence,” Mr Zhao’s lawyer Li Fangping told the Associated Press news agency.

“The crimes he was accused of were nothing more than what regular citizens would do to defend their rights.”

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4 responses to “China jails tainted milk whistleblower

  1. China is sending the wrong message to the world who are already distrustful of their products. By jailing Mr. Zhao they have made a bad image situation worse, a very poor move on their part.

    Dr. Blake

    • what’s amazing, tho, is the Chinese executed three of those responsible for the deaths of those children. Can you imagine if we executed Monsanto executives for the murders they committed?

      I bet chemical companies would be much more careful about what they sell.

      • Yes it is amazing that you can get away with murdering and maiming thousands if you do it in the name of making millions of dollars but not if you are just Joe or Jane citizen who kills for a few bucks, drugs, passion or insanity. I still have a difficult time wrapping my mind around the difference between one type of murder and another. These big companies get fined a pittance compared to their profits and then back to business as usual. While the sociopathic executive of the company and the FDA brass who new that people would die walk away Scot free and draw the big bonus for making a marketing killing in more ways then one. Maybe we need a class-action lawsuit that asks for a murder charge or a Grand Jury that brings an murder indictment to start the process rolling.

  2. I feel rather sick after having read this. It’s unfathomable that such situations occur from the actual poisoning to the execution of three people to the jailing of Zhao. I agree that China has not done themselves a favor with this one.

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