Big Cheese vs. Real Cheese: USDA’s bailout of processed cheese belies its eat-less-cheese campaign

By Kristin Wartman
Civil Eats

As shocking as the news is that the United States Department of Agriculture facilitated a cheese bailout with a $12 million marketing campaign to help sell Domino’s Pizza, I believe there is much more to the New York Times story as it affects average Americans and their ever-expanding waist lines.

The story makes a strong case for the correlation between saturated fat consumption and obesity. Michael Moss nails the issue of the USDA’s two-sided policy: promoting cheese consumption in the form of Domino’s Pizza, while simultaneously working to fight obesity by discouraging some of these very same foods.

But as I see it, cheese in itself is not the problem—the issues are deeper and more complex than that.

Conventional wisdom says that saturated fat is bad and at the root of the American obesity and diabetes epidemics. The Times article says, “[O]ne slice contains as much as two-thirds of the day’s maximum recommended amount of saturated fat, which has been linked to heart disease.” But let’s look a little deeper at this claim.

Animal products, the primary sources of saturated fats, are foods that human beings have eaten since our beginnings. In fact, often times these were the only foods around in the form of wild game or fish and seafood. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors thrived on these animals as well as foraged vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and other plant materials.

These foods were unadulterated and in their full-fat form.

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2 responses to “Big Cheese vs. Real Cheese: USDA’s bailout of processed cheese belies its eat-less-cheese campaign

  1. charmaine calvert

    Unbelievable double standards and the information on Dominos pizza is incredible. Many years ago, before we stopped eating meat and dairy, we used to eat their pizza, both when we lived in the States and in Singapore. That was then though…

    Thank you for posting the article.

  2. Good Lord!! You are so correct….cheese it not the problem. The problem is govt. regulations & bureaucrats trying to justify their jobs/perks.

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