S 510 and Cancer

By Jeremy Lasko

High dose Vitamin C’s impact on a man in New Zealand is stunning and wonderful news being heard around the world. The behavior of the hospitals and medical establishment, on the other hand, is causing outrage.

In August 2010, 60 Minutes reported on Intravenous Vitamin C curing a New Zealander’s swine flu just as life support was to be terminated. Dairy farmer Allan Smith had been in the hospital for weeks. Doctors felt certain he would die and wanted to take him off life support. This dramatic 18-minute report shows his “clouded out” lungs indicating “white out pneumonia”:

Despite doctor disbelief in Vitamin C efficacy, the family finally convinced them to treat Smith with high-dose IV Vitamin C.  This is what his lungs looked like after two days of treatment:

The show reveals that when doctors stopped the high dose Vitamin C treatment, he deteriorated. Again, the treatment was started, and again he improved. But doctors later reduced his Vitamin C intake from 50 grams a day to 2 grams a day. His recovery reduced to a snail’s pace.  Finally, the family directly provided Smith with Lyposomal-Encapsulated Vitamin C orally, and his recovery became complete, well ahead of predictions.

In 2006, the National Institutes of Health confirmed Vitamin C’s efficacy in treating cancer, something Linus Pauling attempted to share with the world decades ago, for which he was attacked, rather than lionized.

Intravenously administered Vitamin C as cancer therapy: three cases.

“We found 3 well-documented cases of advanced cancers, confirmed by histopathologic review, where patients had unexpectedly long survival times after receiving high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy. We examined clinical details of each case in accordance with National Cancer Institute (NCI) Best Case Series guidelines. Tumour pathology was verified by pathologists at the NCI who were unaware of diagnosis or treatment. In light of recent clinical pharmacokinetic findings and in vitro evidence of anti-tumour mechanisms, these case reports indicate that the role of high-dose intravenous vitamin C therapy in cancer treatment should be reassessed.” [Emphasis added.]

Yet S 510 and S 3767, “food safety” bills in the US and C-36, a “product safety” bill in Canada, would remove access to this treatment and to all supplements in adequate enough doses to treat disease.

Even prior to the “food safety” bills, the FDA has been working for years to remove information on the scientific value of supplements, even very recently threatening health stores and websites that they may not even mention the word “flu” or “H1N1” in advising customers about what products could be helpful.

The American Medical Association has arranged medical coding so doctors cannot use supplements as therapies for diseases, no matter how confirmed in studies, without potentially facing prison.

(You can go to ANH-USA.org for updates on the bills and any new ones that may be inserted to remove nutritional supplements.)

Why has the government been mute about this cheap, gentle, effective treatment for cancers? Why is it trying to get rid of a superior treatment for cancer?

How does it work?

All diseases, infections, toxins and viruses cause illness by depleting electron flow, says Dr. Thomas E. Levy, a cardiologist and lawyer. Vitamin C adds to electron flow and if it can reach the toxin, infection, or the pro-oxidant disease process in high enough concentration, any toxic or disease condition will be neutralized. Though other nutrients can add to flow, Vitamin C is the ideal choice for this because it is extremely and uniquely “bioavailable.”

In 2008, he gave the following speech at the 35th Annual Tree of Life Cancer Convention in California on the breakthrough effectiveness of Lyposomal-Encapsulated Vitamin C.

[This is a 4-part video. At the end of each video, a series of more videos will appear at the bottom of the screen. Move your cursor over those icons to the left, to find the next part in the series, which should be the second from the left.]

Dr. Levy also spoke in New Zealand in September of this year on Vitamin C: The Facts, the Fiction, and the Law. (For a much larger amount of information, including many original articles, his powerpoint lecture on Vitamin C and the law can be found here.)  Allan Smith (featured above) opens the presentation with a 5-minute speech before Dr. Levy takes the podium:

[This is a 9-part video. At the end of each video, a series of more videos will appear at the bottom of the screen. Move your cursor over those icons to the left, to find the next part in the series, which should be the second from the left.]

Dr. Levy discusses on this video page, how he became interested in Vitamin C, and the positive effect it can have. The videos also include one on “iron fortified cereal,” which should not be missed as it shows what the drug companies and food industry consider “supplementation.”

Yet another cardiologist, Matthias Rath (renowned for his work on Vitamin C), offers background on why supplements are being attacked and who developed a plan to remove an adequate amount of nutrition from human access. In 1943 Europe, it was “A crime punishable by death to spread information in regard to nutrition in Norway, Belgium, Holland, and all other conquered countries.”

(Is it coincidental that the Nazi tactic of criminalizing health information is being revived here in the U.S., after this recent exposé by the New York Times? Nazis Were Given ‘Safe Haven’ in U.S., Report Says.)

In this video, Dr. Robert Verkerk describes the plan, called Codex Alimentarius. In another short video, Verkerk explains that people are living in extreme fear of diseases, which high dose Vitamin C could end. Through fear, Codex plans open the door to yet more antibiotics and to irradiation of all food, despite it destroying vitamins and enzymes in food and in cats, to death and strange neurologic reactions.

Perhaps unaware that S 510 and S 3767 would remove access to it and to adequate levels of every kind of nutritional supplement, national media has begun doing segments on IV Vitamin C, recognized now as an increasingly relied upon cancer therapy:

CBC News http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycT6mI3SAi4
Interviews with patients http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSp4VS2wY70
Dr. Rowan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-7XsMS4wEA
ABC News http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCBRMFBVzi0
Fox News http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T__IF8JlxLI
Channel 6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbdjQEOH3DE
The Real Story http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR38y2I5g5E

The Senate is expected to vote on S 510 this week. Call and email your Senators to urge their opposition to the bill. Talking points can be found here, and more background on S 510 is here.

9 responses to “S 510 and Cancer

  1. This is a nice bomb shell of informational truth. It is so simple and any doctor who says it is wrong is a liar, a quack and a hypocrite. Humans are one of the few animals on the planet that cannot create vitamin C. We must get our vitamin C through our food or supplementation. This should be common knowledge but it is not, I am sad to say. You can go to The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine website http://www.orthomed.org/jom/jom.html go into their archives they have hundreds of articles and studies that prove this is so. These are Medical Doctors who know the truth about the importance of the treatment of disease through nutrition and supplementation.

    Once we are attacked by a virus it infects and destroys our cells. To replace those cells and maintain many other functions requires mass amounts of vitamin C. The infected patient will fairly quickly use up their stores of C and if it is not replaced it they will go down hill rapidly. As I said above you cannot create vitamin C so it must be brought in from the outside just as the man in New Zealand. The more vitamin C he got the faster he recovered or visa versa until his family moved in and gave it to him, shame on the doctors there.

    The Doctor only has to maintain the patient’s level of vitamin C at normal and the patient will easily survive even the most dangerous viruses. But you will find only a hand full of Doctors who will do this simple procedure for you even if you are dying of a virus. Modern medicine fears the truth will be known about how easy it is to successfully treat any virus with vitamin C. Why do they fear this fact, because it means the loss of billions of dollars of treatment with drugs and vaccinations worldwide?

    This knowledge can be used to protect yourself and your loved ones. If you or a loved one are stricken and hospitalized with a virus like swine flu here is what you do. You tell the attending physician to test the patients serum levels of vitamin C and when found below normal demand they be treated with intravenous sodium ascorbate (this is buffered vitamin C). Make it clear that this patients vitamin C levels are to be kept at normal throughout the patients stay at the hospital. They will try to dissuade you from this treatment and say it does no good. But stick to your demands and tell them you will sue them if they refuse. They fear your knowledge more then anything, it is your power and your right and they know it.

    And of course all diseases such as cancer respond positively to supplementation with Vitamin C.

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  3. Many years ago Norman Cousins alerted the world to this very issue.

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