Votes opposing GMOs crash The Economist poll website

By Mike Adams
Natural News

Last week we published a story urging our readers to vote NO on the GMO / biotech survey being hosted by The Economist.  [So did we at Food Freedom.] Within two hours after our post went live and people started sharing it on Facebook and elsewhere, the Economist’s poll servers crashed hard and stayed offline for the entire weekend.

Before this happened, we were winning the vote, of course.

Word had spread among the natural health community, and we all began calling for people to vote. Right after we published our article, NO votes from readers all around the world started to flood in, and we saw the survey begin to shift even more strongly in our favor. Had The Economist’s servers actually been able to handle the voting, I have no doubt the final vote would have been 70% against GMOs and 30% in favor.

But as it stood, with their servers offline, the voting was halted at 62% no and 38% yes. Still a victory against the idea of GMOs, of course, but nowhere near the numbers that should have been recorded.

The Economist explains their server problem

“We had a technical problem with our site,” explains Tom Standage, the Digital Editor for the magazine.

“During the last few days of the debate the address of the staging server was circulated on a number of environmental mailing lists, and on Twitter. This caused a sudden flood of “no” votes on the staging server, causing the underlying database to collapse because it was not load-balanced. That’s why we’ve been unable to announce the vote in the usual way.

Instead, we have taken the votes from both servers and have added them up to calculate the final tally: 38% yes, 62% no.

…Now you know what happened and why the voting tallies appeared to be behaving so oddly. We apologise for the confusion.” (…)

When the masses revolt against biotech…

The interesting part about this is found in the observation of what happens when the masses take action to protest their foods and seeds being poisoned by corporations. This mass online uprising took down The Economist’s servers in about two hours. (Most NaturalNews readers never even got a chance to vote.) And this was after many days of the so-called “science bloggers” trying desperately to win the vote even before we found out about it.

Read full post at Natural Newsway.

5 responses to “Votes opposing GMOs crash The Economist poll website

  1. Wonderful news!!! This is just a taste, the rats better take note of the writing on the wall, today is the day to change direction or there will be no where to run. I wonder if their little sociopathic brains can actually comprehend where this kind of thinking is taking them.

  2. People care; they don’t want to get poisoned nor starved by their leaders.

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  4. charmaine calvert

    I tried to vote on that poll but it didn’t register. Now I know why.

    There is something I’ve been meaning to mention…it’s the fact that Monsanto solely is being demonised. The precedent that is being created by not bringing equal attention to the other corporations doing the same work will mean that when Monsanto crashes, the others like Dupont and BASF will be relatively unknown and unscathed by way of reputation. It will make it easy for those companies to step into the breach and continue the deception. (I’ve just spent 2 hours on line trying to find a list of companies that should be targeted equally with Monsanto. I haven’t been able to find a list. Does anyone know of one or can anyone provide such a list?)

    Thanks for the information.

  5. “We had a technical problem with our site,” explains Tom Standage, “Monsanto called us up and said they’d do everything in the power to screw us, so we had no choice but to pour a glass of water on the server handling the voting. So technically, it was a technical problem.”

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