The most evil bill in American history

By Richard Smith

S 510 includes, at a minimum:

  • A hidden take over of all seed in the US – the end of the country’s control over its food and ensuring all GMOs – corporate owned crops;
  • The use of DHS and DOD – animal disease or contamination as a pretext for martial law;
  • The extermination of normal farm animals in case of an emergency (to replace with patented GE-animals and force GMO meat);
  • The surreptitious arrangement for mandating of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, irradiation of all food and GMO farming;
  • Deceitfully forcing the US under the WTO to end its sovereignty over its own economic policy, resources, energy, health, food;
  • The theft of all US farmland via false “traceability” requirements which force farmers onto international contracts that remove their property rights;
  • The removal of nutritional supplements because they are the proven superior treatments for cancer, diabetes, Cystic Fibrosis, heart disease, and are essential for preventing disease – ensuring greatly increased illnesses for corporate profit;
  • A corporate court outside the judicial system over all Americans, with unlimited penalties and no recourse – ending democratic rights in the US.

Food safety is a corporate lie, and already comes with violence against those providing safe food.

Biotech, agribusiness and pharmaceutical corporations, though they have corrupted government and courts, rigged markets, bribed officials, made closed door arrangements that undo democratic processes, destroyed independent scientists, had independent had armed men go after researchers, and hired military thugs, appear to have tired of even the sham of democratic processes they hide behind, and now are seeking laws that would give them total power and remove the most basic constitutional rights.

In India, under the proposed Biotech Regulatory Authority of India, BRAI, they would imprison anyone questioning GMOs in food or vaccines or drugs.

In Canada, under C-36, a “product safety” bill, they would end the rule of law. See

S 510 is part of this international corporate assault on constitutional rights that stand between them and nations’ land and natural resources.  In the proposed EU and Canadian trade agreement, the biotech industry wishes to merely allege a farmer has violated intellectual property rights and seize his land, equipment and freeze his bank accounts, making it impossible for him to defend himself. Through S 510, the industry wants to apply any penalty it chooses.

These corporate moves follow the outsourcing of manufacturing firms and jobs, an economic crash, the mortgage disaster, stolen billions in “bailouts”, and porous US borders in order to bring in cheap labor.  The World Trade Organization has gone so far as to say that country of origin is obsolete, revealing their undemocratic vision of global governance by corporations.

And S 510 is in the service of that, meant to break down the last remaining, most essential industry in the US — food production.  They will have globalized even food production and made the country depend on corporations for its very survival.  If that can be accomplished, the sky’s the limit in terms of profit and political control.

This is consistent with totalitarian plans designed by Bush and others, “… the new frontier of colonialism in the 21st century – the total domination and exploitation of the earth and everything on it ….”  The “biomasters” seek control over biodiversity itself now, and are buying control over governments and universities. What they have not patented, especially if it is valuable, they are trying to criminalize through extremes of inappropriate regulatory power, attempting now in the EU (again through “food safety”) to end people’s rights to even use nature, and in the US, attempting through S 510 to regulate the right to produce or obtain safe food or nutritional necessities.

The falsity of this, the use of emergencies, the use of disease and fear, parallel to what was done during 9/11 and with the swine flu pandemic, both originating under Bush, both using terror and corrupted government agencies, and each now exposed as false. See

The corporate power grab depends to a great extent on confusion, augmented by fomenting hatred – of Muslims by conservatives, and of conservatives by liberals taught to believe conservatives are racist hate groups.  Each has been trained by government and corporate media to see other people as fanatic enemies to distract from what the government/corporations are doing which threaten everyone in common.

This propagandizing shows up around vaccines as well, which is a major corporate investment and one associated with political control, for which Bush arranged immunity from liability for the companies, and “medical martial law” in each state with military force.  The current H1N1 vaccines have caused high numbers of miscarriages, convulsions, narcolepsy, Guillaume Barre, Bell’s palsy and deaths, but corporate media is not covering that, the undoing of safeguards, the spoken threat to people’s lives from international financial interests, or the relation to Kissinger. See

Instead, the government has suggested that those opposing vaccines are a threat to everyone else’s health – though, logically, if the vaccines worked, anyone not taking them would threaten no one.

Thanks to Bush, DHS has a peculiar list of suspected domestic terrorists – people pleading that vaccines are dangerous to their children, people who stand by Constitutional rights as “patriots,” people who do not believe the government’s version of 9/11, alternative media, anti-war activists, environmentalists, fundamentalists – that is, those people who holding to free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and the Bill of Rights to work to end wars and protect the earth from corporations.  The defense of the second amendment  – the right to bear arms – is one of the main means of portraying people as dangerous, even Gandhi supported the right to bear arms, saying that “Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest.”  Whereas, those in favor of the end of the 2nd amendment, open borders, the North American Union, mandatory vaccines, and other things which facilitate a corporate dismantling of the US or reduction in population, are not listed.

The man below founded a group which is high on the list of threats and has been demonized as a right wing hate group. This is understandable since everything they offer is not only a constitutional antidote to what Bush did to undermine rights here but offers protection of the American people from such dangers.  For liberals led to fear this group by corporate media, hearing Mr. Rhodes for the first time is often a revelation and an indication of how successful the corporations have been in sowing confusion and hatred. See

Rhodes, who is the founder and director of Oath Keepers, was one among many military people who watched in horror at the unconstitutional way in which Bush and Cheney used military during Katrina, going into people’s homes without warrants, taking their weapons, closing in the city, not allowing in supplies, preventing people from leaving.  He graduated from Yale Law School and was a Yale Scholar.  His paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.  And is that not just what the ACLU, NLG and CCR are working to protect people from?

The American people at a crossroads, with corporations at the gate, ready to end the Constitution and take what they want here.  Bush arranged many means to accomplish that – Presidential orders that permanently suspend the Constitution and take over all resources, utilities, farms, food, transportation, communication, human labor, etc.; FEMA camps; forced untested, unknown vaccines that can harm; state laws that can force vaccines and any other unknown medical test or treatment; and laws such as S 510 that opens the door to global corporate sovereignty over policy and a corporate court over all individuals.  Is it any wonder they want to turn off the internet?

Those involved have a history of using confusion and hatred to undermine countries.  But Americans are incredibly good people. Are they able to remember that?  Do they know that it wasn’t lone right-wing fanatics who killed presidents or peace leaders, but the government?  Are they able to take in that it was not foreigners who attacked the country?  Given how much the corporations have stoked fear of anyone different from us, are Americans able to override that propaganda and stop hating Muslims and each other, and focus on the true danger – the corporate state?  Are they able to stay steady around constitutional principles and not be misled if there were a false attack on the country which veteran intelligence officers are warning might happen?

Corporations are at a dead end.  No one wants to spend billions more on research for patented drugs that will never cure (an end of profits) but often kill, people are seeing through vaccines to their affects and history, no one wants pesticides, GMOs and industrial agriculture, or nuclear or coal power, or wars, or more taxes to fund any of that.

People want local organic farming, gardening and good food, alternative energy, already proven cures for diseases, local communities, their inalienable rights and peace.  All those good things are capable of swamping what is evil in the world (despite its financial backing and corrupt power) but it will depend on not hating each other and courage.  Gandhi, King and Mandela succeeded by not hating, not even those in power, and by bringing normally estranged communities together.  They defeated hatred to defeat power.  Their moral grounding was the force that accomplished that and it could not be stopped.

S 510 brings everyone together.  All farm-loving, food-loving, health-loving, animal-loving, seed-loving, rights-loving, freedom-loving, country-loving people have reason to stop that bill and any other form they may attempt to disguise it in (such as an end of the year omnibus bill).

Senators must be warned (by certified mail, if necessary) that S 510 is not a normal bill, but a bill to give corporations total control of the US.  It is treason. They must keep their own sworn oaths to the Constitution and stop it.

12 responses to “The most evil bill in American history

  1. What we have to realize is that Law has become RENEGADE in favor of for-profit corporations. We have to learn to just ignore Fascist “legal constraints,” and protect each other’s privacy, as people learned to do in the USSR. Well, now this is the USSA thanks to the Queen of England.

  2. I need organic foods and seeds to cure a disease the MD’s have no intention of curing. I can’t believe this is haopening. Please fax all your senators and reps, I did for Florida

    Eewindsor, you are correct.
    I thought the politicians learned their lesson in the last election

    This corrupt government just crossed the line…..

  3. You have the essence here Richard of exactly what has been happening in such a slow, eerie and sinister way. It has been allowed to become deep seeded because Americans have slept thinking their inept government could do no real wrong except elect the wrong party of the two sad but equally poor choices. And the rest of the world has slept right along with us not realizing that the very institutions of government and business that they trusted are more dangerous than Hitler and the Third Rich ever were. And when you try to explain to a sleeping person what is going on they either think you are a conspiracy theorist or just negative. It reminds me of a comment one woman made when I laid down some truth about the lies involved in the health care system we have today. Her comment back was that she was so shocked and saddened that she broke down a cried.

    It is shocking, it is very sad but it is also the most dangerous thing we have ever faced. At the rate that the American people are telling the senate not to pass S 510 it should never pass. That senate bill is the line that our form of government should never step over. If they cross that line with that bill this is the signal that the American people have lost their rights, their government and their constitution is in the trash. Then the rest if the world should shudder because their bastion of freedom is in deep trouble and that is something to cry about.

  4. Just wait till you really see how it all places out. You are only seeing the surface. The ones who are doing this have been placed there for their downfall as now they think they have been given the reins to do as they wish. That is their biggest mistake. It is like chess you are going to see a very big check mate and the winner in this whole game is us the people. This is a wake up call for everyone. The world is watching.

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  6. OMG! I had some kind of dream last night and heard the word
    OMNIBUS! I don’t even know what that really is? So, as I was waking up and thinking about what this could be I mentally re arranged the letters:


    This must be a reference to the government, a bus out of control.

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  8. Excellent article with all the right points. NOW STAND UP AND FIGHT EVERYONE. Throw rotten GMO veggies at them!

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  11. Richard,
    THANK YOU for posting such a comprehensive and compelling account of the circumstances. This needs to be spread far and wide. Alas, I live in Iowa and Senator Grassley and Harkin, who have both been made well aware that their actions are treasonous and given the roadmap to fix what ails America, both are going to support the big Agra on this one. I have checked with Grassley’s office and he is voting YES. Did not bother with Harkin.

    After that call to Grassley, I realized that the most important election in my lifetime, is the one for county sheriff… the feds can pass all their paper mandates they want… it will always come down to enforcement. If we have sheriff’s in our counties who uphold their oaths to the Constitution and the rule of law, not men… then the criminal corportacracy can spin their wheels in the District of Criminals all they want. This line in the sand with a lawful sheriff in your counties touches all forms of tyranny and oppression.

    More info on this at Sheriff Richard Mack’s site.


    Famine is what these radical eco-freaks want their so convinced of the population bomb poppycock of PAUL EHRLICH and the lies from RACHEAL CARSON,AL GORE

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