S 510 Food Safety? The FDA has killed far more people than contaminated eggs or lettuce

By Mike Adams
Natural News

Proponents of Senate Bill 510 — the Food Safety and Modernization Act — keep trying to claim that we need the FDA to protect us from tainted eggs, lettuce, onions and spinach. On the surface, it seems like a reasonable argument: No one should ever die from unsafe food in America, right?

But to accomplish a net reduction in deaths, you’d need to grant power over the food supply to some organization that actually respects human life… and the FDA is not that organization. In fact, as we have documented here on NaturalNews over the last seven years, the FDA is responsible for far more deaths of Americans than all the terrorist events in the history of the world — combined!

How is that so?

How the FDA has killed millions of Americans

Well, for starters, the FDA has a long and rather dubious history of keeping dangerous, deadly drugs on the market even after it knows those drugs are killing people. The FDA has even gone out of its way to ignore critical evidence about dangerous drugs in order to appease its Big Pharma clients and keep those high-profit drugs selling while people are dying.

To see one example of this, look at the history of Vioxx — a drug the FDA kept on the market while it racked up well over 60,000 deaths according to the FDA’s own scientists! (http://www.naturalnews.com/011401_D…)

As Dr David Graham said in an interview, “The FDA is responsible for 140,000 heart attacks and 60,000 dead Americans. That’s as many people as were killed in the Vietnam War. Yet the FDA points the finger at me and says, Well, this guy’s a rat, you can’t trust him,’ but nobody is calling them to account. Congress isn’t calling them to account.”

If you want more evidence of the FDA’s outrageous disregard for human life, look at the agency’s handling of the drug Ketek (http://www.naturalnews.com/019698.html). Or check out how the FDA kept the liver-damaging drug Rezulin on the market while diabetic Americans were dropping dead.

The FDA’s own scientists have repeatedly accused the agency of engaging in routine intimidation of scientists who try to call attention to dangerous products (http://www.naturalnews.com/025298_t…).

The FDA censors natural remedies that could save lives

On top of all that corruption and fraud leading to negligent deaths caused by the FDA, this agency also censors the scientific truth about natural remedies and nutritional supplements that could save millions of lives each year. The FDA won’t, for example, allow vitamin D supplement companies to tell the truth about how vitamin D prevents cancer or how vitamin D prevents the flu and makes seasonal flu vaccines obsolete (http://www.naturalnews.com/029760_v…).

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6 responses to “S 510 Food Safety? The FDA has killed far more people than contaminated eggs or lettuce

  1. Leadership is committed to population reduction. Human beings are to be scrapped, and food is the tool. So anybody with an ounce of sense is going to have to learn to hide their growing and hide their food supply. Filth rules.

  2. Let’s face it…they want to tax us to death. If we don’t cave in then let us live long enough to squeeze out another couple of dollars. Food fights are just a distraction to the systematic poisoning of people. They attack on so many fronts that they weary us.

    Somehow, I think the tide is going to change.

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  5. herbal remedies and supplements is most healthy to me. Because

    herbal supplements is natural.
    Thanks. Dennise

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