Whistleblower: Eurofresh uses illegal pesticides, chemicals on hydroponic veggies

Eurofresh Farms: 318 acres of hydroponic greenhouses, Wilcox, AZ

Certified pesticide-free products? Former CFO says it ain’t so.

Fired executive sues Eurofresh
By David Wichner
Arizona Daily Star

A former executive of Willcox-based Eurofresh Inc. has sued the greenhouse-tomato grower in a California court, alleging he was wrongfully fired for refusing to go along with illegal use of pesticides and other chemicals.

Eurofresh said there is no truth to the allegations and that the company will fight the suit.

In the state lawsuit filed in Monterey County, Calif., former Eurofresh Chief Financial Officer Brian McLaughlin said he was fired after objecting to what he called the company’s longtime practice of using unregistered pesticides and chemical growth regulators on its hydroponically grown crops.

Eurofresh, which markets its products as Eurofresh Farms, is a leading U.S. grower of fresh greenhouse tomatoes. It operates one of the largest greenhouse complexes in the world, growing tomatoes and cucumbers in more than 300 acres under glass near Willcox and at a smaller Arizona operation in Snowflake.

The company has in the past called its produce “certified pesticide-free” and has won marketing and workplace awards in part based on such claims.

But McLaughlin – CFO of Eurofresh from April 2008 to November 2009 – alleges that from the start of operations in 1992 until September 2009, Eurofresh achieved its competitive advantage in part by deliberately using “at least 15 unregistered, and therefore unlawful, chemicals and pesticides to enhance the company’s tomato crops grown for human consumption.”

Eurofresh founder and CEO Johan van den Berg said in a prepared statement that McLaughlin’s allegations are false.

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5 responses to “Whistleblower: Eurofresh uses illegal pesticides, chemicals on hydroponic veggies

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  3. Why use the name Eurofresh if it is a US based company?

    I wonder why we still have such a crappy attitude to whistleblowers who after all are trying to make the truth visible? “I’m no rat” is a saying modern society needs to lose. We should honour people who bring to light harmful practices of other people who try and hide behind ambiguities like eurofresh did. Personally I hope Mr McLaughlin wins his case! The deception and deceit that goes hand in hand with modern business practices where anything goes in persuit of money, is dangerous. Their struggle to employ enough labor in a market where so many people are out of work should clearly point to a problem.

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