Raw Milk War, FDA and Food Safety Modernization Act

By Dr Mercola

Milk may be a symbol of wholesomeness for most of us, but according to Time Magazine, it’s also a battleground between government regulators and natural health food proponents who want to drink whole, raw milk.

The war is a test of their freedom to choose to drink a rich-tasting beverage full of beneficial bacteria, enzymes, vitamins and amino acids, that are mostly destroyed through pasteurization, the proponents say.

But to the FDA, it’s a basic health issue: “Raw milk is an inherently dangerous product, and it really should not be consumed by anyone at any time for any reason,” a representative from the FDA tells TIME.

Unfortunately, if the FDA sergeants get their way, they’ll win the war with help from Congress and the proposed Food Safety Modernization Act.

Meanwhile, a federal court has struck down Ohio’s law banning labels on dairy products that say they’re made with milk that’s free of hormones.

As reported on NPR.org, that means companies that want to say their products are “rbGH free” and “rbST free” and “artificial hormone free” are now free to do so.

“But the bigger deal might be that the ruling challenges the FDA’s 17-year-old finding that there’s “no significant difference” between the milk of cows given growth hormone and those that aren’t,” NPR said.

“Just that sort of distinction, or lack of it actually, is part of the ongoing debate about how to label genetically engineered salmon.”

The Court of Appeals also listed the reasons why there is a difference between milk from cows given growth hormones and those that don’t get hormones – and one was that there is more pus in the hormone-treated cows’ milk than in hormone-free.

Other states have already given permission for special labels on milk, but NPR.org speculated that if the FDA approves genetically modified salmon (GM), consumer groups may use the court’s ruling to label non-genetically engineered salmon.

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6 responses to “Raw Milk War, FDA and Food Safety Modernization Act

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  2. You have a better chance of getting stuck by lightning, winning the lottery or dying from an asteroid impact (look it up) than you do of getting sick from raw milk. The sheer numbers of trial lawyers we have in this US does more to keep any food bought from a small farm safer than anything the FDA does short of just closing down the farms. Raw milk doesn’t kill people but the FDA sure does.

  3. This is to do with the milk issue. If you understood some of the practices of the farmers that do dairy you would not want to drink their milk. If it has not change in BC Canada I understand that the milk board does not monitor the health practices of the farmer anymore. I know someone who lived next door to what you call a dirty farmer and the board still accepted his milk. I read a few years ago in the Alive Magazine who have their College in Burnaby BC made mentioned that BC did not think it was necessary to have an Inspector to come and check the health of the cows or the cleanliness of the milk area. They felt if the milk is going to be pasteurized the bacteria would be taken care of. I was raised on a dairy farm and I was always warned never drink the next door neighbors milk because you may not no if they are clean or not. Before I ever drink fresh milk it better have a sign saying cleared by and Inspector. You city people have know idea of what you talk about or what transpires on a farm. When a cow gets puss coming out of its tits you want to drink that. Go and live on a farm first then you have something to
    say. There are clean farmers and dirty farmers.

    • By allowing lethal drugs and toxic contaminants on the food supply, the US Food and Drug Administration has killed far more people than has tainted food. The last thing we need is giving that criminal organization more power.

      The Food Safety bill has nothing to do with safety — it’s aim is to wipe out mid size farms so as to destroy competition for the multinationals, who own the FDA in toto.

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