Monsanto-Cornell study says organic milk no better than GM milk

Study claims organic milk offers no nutritional advantages
By Guy Montague-Jones, 23-Apr-2010
Dairy Reporter

A new study has suggested that there may be little nutritional difference between conventional and organic milk.

Writing in the Journal of Dairy Science, scientists at Cornell University set out to compare the nutritional profile of organic and recombinant bST (rbST)-free milks in the US with that of conventional milks.

Misinterpretation concerns

They pursued this research because of concern that consumers may be misinterpreting organic and rbST-free labelled milks – which are an increasingly common sight in grocery stores.

“Consumers have little knowledge of the how milk is produced, and the information search for most Americans rarely extends beyond package labelling and retail marketing,” stated the scientists.

“Of particular concern is that some consumers may perceive that this type of specialty labelling indicates differences in the quality, nutritional value, or safety of dairy foods.”

To investigate the nutritional values of the different milk types, the researchers looked at a sample of 292 milks, and narrowed their investigation to an assessment of their fatty acid composition.

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2 responses to “Monsanto-Cornell study says organic milk no better than GM milk

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  2. How much did Monsanto pay Cornell to do this study?

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