Wikileak: Mormon-sponsored agricultural imperialism?

Brazil's landless peasant movement, MST, occupies foreign owned lands

By Tristan Call
The Mormon Worker

Mormon Church owns land in Brazil, where 3% of the population owns two-thirds of the land. Landless peasants seek to regain land owned by foreigners, writes Tristan Call.


The Wikileaks this week have continued to trickle out,  as every government in the world closes ranks against the possibility of transparency and governments that are accountable to their citizens.

The media isn’t reporting on most of the cables, so take a look and break the information blockade yourself:

When I did, I ran into gems like this cable from 2007 requesting that the US government intervene on the Monsanto corporation’s behalf  by “retaliating” against EU countries that regulate genetically-modified foods “in the common interest.”  The US ambassador to France writes like one of Monsanto’s paid PR specialists: “Moving to retaliation will make clear that the current path has real costs to EU interests and could help strengthen European pro-biotech voices”

Or this one from the US Interests section in Havana in 2006, explaining that US intelligence “is always looking for human interest stories and other news that shatters the myth of Cuban medical prowess.” Spending their time trying to undermine the Cuban medical system seems like an odd priority- maybe that’s where the resources went that could have gone to providing universal health care in our own country.

But the most striking cable I ran into today was one titled “BRAZIL’S LANDLESS MOVEMENT INVADES AMERICAN-OWNED FARM“, from 2005. The cable is about MST, the landless workers’ movement in Brazil.

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