US to Vatican: Genetically Modified Food Is a “Moral Imperative”

By Mike Ludwig
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Secret United States diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks detail efforts to promote genetically modified (GM) crops and biotechnology across the globe, including the Vatican, where US diplomats pushed the Roman Catholic Church to support biotech food in developing nations.

Cables from embassies in Spain, Austria and even Pakistan reveal the US diplomats have clearly sided with the biotech industry, even as court cases and public debates over GM food raged in the US and abroad.

In 2005, a US diplomat and a USAID official met with Catholic leaders in Rome to discuss biotech foods, according to a leaked cable.  The diplomats reported that Catholic leaders said the science and safety of GM food would soon be a “non-issue” in the Vatican and signaled a cautious acceptance of biotech products despite active opposition among the faithful:

Preoccupation at the Vatican, they said, was tied more to economic arguments, as some fear that widespread use of GMO food in the developing world would subjugate its farmer population and become a form of economic imperialism simply serving to enrich multi-national corporations.

US diplomats pledged to continue pushing GM foods as a “moral imperative” to feed growing populations in order to counter opposition to the biotech food industry among Catholic activists and clergy.

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5 responses to “US to Vatican: Genetically Modified Food Is a “Moral Imperative”

  1. OK, I like to think I am opened minded, but I have not read anything yet that supports GMO crops are better. They are more expensive to grow, they have no better health or nutritional benefits, maybe less and they do not have a higher yield than conventional. If this is incorrect someone please point out the study that bears this out and not just someone saying they are better.

  2. I created to allow readers to easily browse all released WikiLeaks cables. With the search function you can look up for more cables related to genetically modified food, e.g. try
    Hope this helps.

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  4. They have just aproved in Spain experimental gliphosate resistant cultures, even in Doñana!
    That´s terrible!
    People are unfamiliar with the health and ambiental risks

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