Obama signs food control bill

By Rady Ananda

According to news reports, on Tuesday, Obama signed the food control bill. The Food Safety Modernization Act will surely make our food supply worse, leaving us more vulnerable to pathogens in the factory food system.

Food freedomists may want to avail themselves of the Intrastate Commerce Act, and get busy on their gardens. Urban garden sharing is a growing cottage industry that can also protect us from corporate food.

Remember what Gandhi said: “Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless or corrupt.”

Another meaningful quote from Augustine of Hippo: “Hope has two beautiful daughters: Courage and Anger. Anger at the way things are and courage to make them the way they ought to be.”

32 responses to “Obama signs food control bill

    • Speaking of Ghandi…why wasn’t or isn’t there a hunger strike? I was just working on a business plan to start my own at home organic herb business. Now I’m skeptical about developing my beautiful entrepreneurial idea.

  1. Sorry… that first post was a knee jerk reaction. Those brains running this dog and pony show are so effing brilliant they think it “fair” to do anything they want on this planet… to this planet… and give themselves a big pat on the back because they consider that since the information is out there, we have been fair warned… sure, but they own the media.

    Thanks Rady for the better than commendable job, but, like the rest of us, you’ve just been preaching to the choir…. and fat lot o’good that’s got us.

  2. Yes, civil disobedience… but I don’t see anyone here running out of their computer chairs to stop the state. Do you?

    • Civil disobedience doesn’t necessarily require running out of your computer chair… some may be so moved, others not.. For instance, maybe vote with your dollars, maybe you just never shut up, even under threat of… whatever. Maybe its going into a drug store and warning people to, at least, google vaccine dangers before getting that shot. Maybe it is contesting that no seat-belt ticket on unconstitutional grounds… Maybe it is anything and everything you can do every day you are drawing a breath………. and to each his own as long as it is for the greater good… as long as it helps make people aware.

      Think Rawteeth……….. THINK.

      • right on… civil disobedience can take a myriad of forms. No matter who passes what law, I will never irradiate my food, or ply it with chemicals … and if I wanna sell some of my garden, ain’t nobody’s business if I do.


        • never irradiate? first of all, you almost certainly DO irradiate some of your foods. In fact, if you understand the broader scope of the word, you irradiate quite a lot. Irradiation is not what people think it is… ignorant people (which is not an insult, no matter how much people use the word for that purpose… it simply means “lacking knowledge” … and we’re ALL ignorant on a variety of topics) envision some kind of nuclear reaction, atomic destruction of bacteria, whatever. Irradiation is simply passing food through beams of energy that happen to be strong enough to kill bacteria. YOU do the same thing, in two ways, at home. Microwaves ARE a form of irradiation. So any time you heat up a cold plate of lasagna, you’re irradiating your food. But even more basic than that form of irradiation, HEAT is a form of irradiation. Every time you COOK, you are irradiating your food. Literally. You are passing waves of infer-red radiation all through your food! And don’t tell me “that’s not what I mean when I say irradiate” … because the kind that companies espouse, or that “the government” might like to make mandatory differs only in degree and method of application. A different wavelength of energy, than the wavelengths produced by either flames or microwaves. But still, JUST energy! (and by the way, the act of cooking anything introduces carcinogenic material into the food, no matter what methods you use, or what foods. So COOKING is actually bad for your health, while irradiation kills bacteria and allows foods to stay fresh longer) …whew, sorry for the long reply ^^ I’m mouthy. (-_-)

  3. sickening.
    How about setting up an organic food coop for our area?
    We need one.

  4. after watching the video on chem trails, seems we don’t have much protection even with our own gardening. do you have any tips for that?

  5. If you go to sites on the internet such as realmilk, localharvest, eatwell, pickyourown and the like and you may find locally grown food in your area. Buying locally and then processing food at home can be an act of protest against such laws as these.

    A gallon of raw milk, rennet and lemon juice and you can make fresh mozzarella cheese within the hour. You can become a food manufacture without the permission or licensing fees from the federal government. It may not be as dramatic as Gandhi’s march to the sea to make salt, but still an open act of rebellion against those who would be the master of someone else’s home. Okay maybe I’m a little over the top, but you get the idea.

  6. I want to start an organic garden this year. But, like carmelbruno said, with all the chem trails & spraying going on………..how do we prevent it being sprayed with chemicals? I can’t afford a greenhouse, only have the ground and bare hands to work with. I will give gardening an attempt, can’t be any worse than what we are buying in stores (unless nothing grows!)

  7. Don’t worry about chemtrails, do what you have to do, start today. Good luck.

  8. itsonlyausername

    For those wanting to grow their own food I would readily recommend the small and easy to read book by Paul Waddington called ’21st Century Smallholder’.


    The link I provide here is for reference as there are many places you can buy it from but since Amazon dismissed Wikileaks from their server service I have boycotted them completely in protest hence the link not being to them which is slightly cheaper usually. Two things in life are irreplaceable. Freedom to eat what I want and freedom to say what I want. (Okay I mean ‘Freedom to say’ politely what I want of course but you get my meaning I am sure).

  9. Don’t forget who did/does this… hmmmm… think Safeway, Kroger, Kraft, Comcast, Walmart, Kelloggs, Bayer, Time Warner, GM, Walgreens, Bayer, BP, CVC, MSNBC, FOX, Monsanto, Dupont, the AMA, the Rottenfellers, the effing queen …etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum… them, and all their ilk. There is no-one who is NOT looking up at the tip of the pyramid for the source of the problems these days and those who do the bidding for them better get their priorities in line fast.

    This has to be to be last desperate power grab for The Powers that Were and they are pulling out all the stops but they can’t pull off prison planet, no-one wants this level of control. Who wants a culture of death and enslavement and, worst of all NO FREEDOM, NO PRIVACY… everything is a scam and a lie and if you don’t like it, tough? Good luck with that. If they have killed the planet, well, then they go with us. Let them go underground and let the earth clap down and entomb them finally and forever. Shepherds of humanity my *ss.

    Shut off the TV… Dance with the stars in your “real” life for a change, you’ve been distracted too long and they’ll have your back at the end of the day.

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  11. There are some larger ramifications to come from this; social chaos.
    So be sure to think holistically on your “Future Project”.
    There are many contingencies to consider beyond the garden.
    Rady has been covering these issues too.
    I hope all here on this particular thread will sup on them as well.

  12. “Modernization”…a word from the ‘Lexicon of Horror’.

    • yeah, that word is found in several fascist acts passed in the last 10 years. I’ve been thinking about blogging about it… but, alas, so many themes, not enough time

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  14. This Senate Bill 510 goes to the bone and strips it clean, in fact.
    We have enough info on my site to choke a hippo about the rule of thumb where the global elite’s agenda is concerned as to world wide depopulation, forcing starvation on you and your loved ones in an attempt to push us all into so called “residential centers” – for our own “safety”, nonetheless.
    This conspiracy is no joke, it is real and it will consume us if we allow their plan to follow through.
    I wish you and yours well, in whatever part of the world you are when the day comes they implement their plan full force.

  15. Who supplied BP with the chemicals in the Gulf of Mexico?????

    Carl M. Casale, Director of NALCO, the manufacturer of COREXIT, is also the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Operator ofMonsanto, the company known for US agricultural biotech, Agent Orange, terminator seeds, Roundup herbicide (pesticide), saccharin, bovine growth hormone, genetically modified swine, corn, soybeans and other GMO? Monsanto is somehow always in the news these days.

  16. Why do they want to “spread democracy”?

    Because the democratic system is subject to the corruptablt bureaucratic justice system.
    Good propaganda get’s you the votes to implement all the laws to commit crimes and legally get away with it.

    • well, all forms of government are corruptible. a government of, by and for the people appeals to the masses (including me), which is why the government uses the term “spreading democracy.” If they were honest, they would say they are spreading tyranny.

  17. This was to bring us into compliance with this dastardly plan:


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