‘Cows Eat Grass’ and Other Inflammatory Statements

Via Utne Reader

Cows eat grass. You wouldn’t think it’s a big deal to state this, but at Iowa State University a highly qualified job applicant who had the temerity to voice this simple biological fact was ejected from consideration for a post leading a sustainable agriculture program, The Chronicle of Higher Education reports:

“Among those who study sustainability, saying cows should eat grass is not a controversial statement. But saying so in Iowa—which grows more corn than any other state—is likely to attract attention.”

Well, it sure did. Ricardo Salvador is a well-respected sustainable agriculture expert and a former professor at Iowa State—and a natural, many observers thought, to lead the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture as its new director. A finalist for the position, however, he didn’t get the post even when the top candidate turned it down. Apparently, his cow comment came back to haunt him:

“The remark that may have sunk Mr. Salvador’s candidacy came 37 minutes into his on-campus presentation. While discussing a research project in New York State, he mentioned meat being ‘produced in the natural way that meat should be produced, which is on land suitable for grasses and perennial crops.’”

If this were a TV game show, a loud buzzer would have gone off and Mr. Salvador would have been escorted from the stage that very moment. Because apparently he was supposed to say that cows should eat corn. Even if that’s not natural or sustainable, it’s simply how things are done in Iowa, a state built on big agriculture:

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8 responses to “‘Cows Eat Grass’ and Other Inflammatory Statements

  1. Absolutely crazy and very typical of the things that are going on today with big business, big agriculture, and politics. Don’t most people know that cows are not designed to eat corn. This is a slap in the face to considering that this is suppose to be a sustainable agriculture program. It’s completely the reverse. Makes a person wonder if the college program is being funded by certain bio-tech interests, along with the other big business players. This is really pathetic and probably why the first guy turned downed the position.

  2. last week in the fodder store I see a weird device for cows with bloat..
    its a plastic device with pop out winglike extensions that jam it oin the stomach area, filled with? some anti gas chemical(unspecified)
    the idea is when cows get a gutache and gas from grains and un natural foods,this is supposed to prevent the toxic gas buildup that kills them so often..yeah and when the goop runs out? how is the device extracted? it cant be passed remember.. so I wonder how many plastic containers with wings it will take to perforate cows guts before they admit its a stupid bloody idea!
    the risk of irritation and septicemia alone should be ringing bells in any prospective users minds..
    The look on the retailers face when I said, wouldnt allowing them natural grazing just be so much better?
    he replied cows bloat on green feed,
    well No they dont unless they arent watched properly! and kept out of supered crops and clover.

  3. It’s a shame, sustainable farming could save some of these farms that can no longer afford to pay big ag for the chemicals and seeds they need. But changing to a sustainable farm means going off government welfare and it’s just too scary for them. They either don’t believe or just don’t know that a sustainable bio-diverse farm is less expensive to operate and economically and environmentally safer for them. They could keep their farms, feed their families, feed their communities and make enough money to pay their bills on time. If they were allowed to process and sell some of the food right from the farm without government interference they might just find themselves very well off.

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  5. Isn’t it amazing how the ape’s mind cannot perceive the banana, only the banana-flavored, GMO’d, filled-with-anitbiotics pellets? The mind boggles…

  6. Well although he’s right he is fighting the tide. A tide of money is the most powerful force any one man can take a stand against.I applaud him for his views and background but simply put. Who gives a dang? Look I give a dang I’m just saying an apathetic public does not TRULY care about thier health and are letting the FDA turn them into estrogen filled insulin resistant PRESCRIPTION DRUG buyer. Don’t attack the people who profit of complacency. Educate the public instead and change views from the grassroots. Nough said.

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