Big Fish Fight: Will it change anything?

By Charlie
10,000 Birds

Here in the UK there’s a massive wave sweeping the nation: a demand for a change to the way we destroy fish ‘stocks’. Led by marine biologists who have noted the disastrous collapse in the number of fish in the sea and the way that bycatch and quota limits means that millions of fish are thrown back into the water dead every year, the TV watching public are being shocked out of their complacency, and demanding an end to the pillaging of the sea to feed an ever-fatter population…

Say what? Marine biologists on TV, the public demanding a temporary ban on all fishing until numbers recover, the man in the street swooning at the glory that is a Tuna, one of the most wonderful and perfectly evolved predators in the sea, the discussion around the water-cooler agreeing that instead of us humans viewing everything in the oceans as ‘ours’ and to hell with every other living thing we’re instead going to rein in our colossal appetites and allow the seas to recover…?

No chance. This is the UK. We don’t do science, we do celebrity. These aren’t marine biologists educating the public – these are famous chefs: Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (of River Cottage fame), Heston Blumenthal (who has invented new ways to cook sea cucumbers and starfish specially for this ‘Fish Fight’), Jamie Oliver (the cheery wunderkind who’s Fish Fight programme is trialled with “Jamie Oliver offers ten delicious and easy new recipes that use less-pressured species, including crab, trout, squid, pouting and sardines“), and Gordon Ramsay (who’s hypocrisy knows no bounds as he slams the Chinese for using shark fins while using Endangered Eels – the species was listed as endangered in 2008 after a 90% drop in its population – in his own recipes and championing foie gras).

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4 responses to “Big Fish Fight: Will it change anything?

  1. Good piece-and on another note, with all the mysterious birds, fish, mammals dying, what do we consider safe to eat? Just a thought………since the ocean is becoming so polluted and the fish have mercury and other chemicals in them, should we really be eating them?

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  3. There is a karmic debt that is building and the signs that the payment is due are showing up everywhere. Or what goes around comes around and it looks like it is coming around. Paul

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