Radical self reliance: Homesteading outside L.A.

By NextWorldTV

Meet the Dervaes family. These new urban homesteaders, a family of four, are not employed- living comfortably on $30,000/ year.  Growing their own food on 1/5th of an acre outside of Los Angeles, CA, they have meat, dairy and vegetables- all they need.  They even sell to local restaurants and neighbors.

Yes, a lot of work to be sure.   But so is working all day and sitting in traffic another hour and a half.   Most of us cannot fathom turning a suburban house into a full-blown self-sustaining farm- but we willingly give up virtually all of our energy for an entire lifetime working and commuting to get everything we need the conventional way.

Obviously we can’t all “quit our jobs and grow vegetables.” But can we take just a page from this book, and be inspired by the direction of radical self reliance?

Visit PathToFreedom.com for more info.


Here is a short clip on self-sufficiency and living off the land in a Russian eco-village.

Author Vladmir Megre: “People in this eco-village don’t rely on the state. Anyone is able to build a house for themselves (out of natural materials) without a mortgage.”

Meet Anatoly Molchanov: “We just want to live with the natural resources we’ve been given.”

13 responses to “Radical self reliance: Homesteading outside L.A.

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  2. I have seen their video, “Homegrown Revolution”. I think they should just stop all this self reliance nonsense and let the government take care of them. Don’t they know that food could kill them if it is not genetically modified and dowsed with a large amount of chemicals?

  3. I like most of this video..the self-reliance stuff. But I still see this video as an attempt by GMO producers to infiltrate this the self-reliance movement. GMO’s DO NOT produce self-reliance but dependency on corporations. I hope the Food Freedom site will take a second look at this video. We have a shill, here.

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  5. Good for you, family Dervaes! You have tremendous sense in this.
    Its not just living a healthy lifestyle, its that too of course, but its being ready for a worsening world economic downturn where food and many other things will undoubtedly become much more scarce and expensive than they are now. And in the middle of that, when it comes, you can live like a king and queen with your “princes and/or princesses” (kids), if you have, happily around you.
    God bless you all!

  6. Those people who do the self reliance thing are cool. I want to do the same with my yard, but am many years behind.
    But concerning the GMO, WATCH THE BROADCASt. There is an attempt by eco-fascists to infiltrate the true food freedom movement. The broadcaster at the beginning of one of those two broadcasts refers to “GMO’S TO promote ecology “.

    A decent litmus test is this. When you see something like a carbon tax or GMO ‘S to promote ecology, that is basically a corporate control shill tactic. When you see a homesteader with self saved seeds or his own panels, he’s a true food freedom dude.
    But whether it is pro-ecology or anti-ecology, follow the money. We can’t really even trust WHOLE FOODS any more. so grow yourself or buy from your local hippie-redneck whenever possible.

  7. You’re right. I was pushing various buttons/clicking around this morning and thought this page referenced another video.(I do not think it changed during the day). But there was a video that talked about self sufficiency and then through in a little phrase on GMO’s. I do not see it on this site now. Apologies.

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