The Continuing Idiot Cycle of Cancer Contributors

The situation has just gotten much worse than the movie indicates.

Cancer water
The powers that be want you to believe cigarettes and alcohol are cancer contributors, which they are; but the feds don’t like to talk about how US companies are contaminating the most simple needs… like water and air.


In December we carried a report on a new film called “The Idiot Cycle” (Movie Breaks All Rules Exposing Cancer Origins) that delivers the goods on the world’s top cancer causing culprits, which could easily have been titled “The Business of Cancer”- as it so fully divulges the dark and dirty side of companies like Bayer, BASF, Dow, Dupont, Monsanto, Syngetna, Novartis, Pfizer, and others.

Over the past several weeks, since that article was published, problems have become worse. These same companies control the FDA, and under the new “food safety” bill – S 510 (structured by agribusiness to end access to safe local food systems and by Pharma to eliminate access to safe nutritional support), they have just gotten the FDA to ban IV vitamin C as an unapproved drug.

IV vitamin C neutralizes the effects of pesticide exposure and is an effective treatment for cancer (as well as for much more more). Here is Dr. Levy’s speech to the Cancer Control Convention on why vitamin C is able to deal with diseases, toxins, infections, viruses.

In Canada under bill C-36, these same companies (which also control Health Canada) are arranging the removal of all nutritional supplements (vitamins and minerals and herbal remedies) from store shelves despite university studies confirming their absolute necessity in preventing and their remarkable efficacy in treating cancer and other diseases/conditions, including psychological ones.  (Here is the legal issue.)

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6 responses to “The Continuing Idiot Cycle of Cancer Contributors

  1. This doctor says that 5% of all biotech products are crops… the rest is in Western medicine, like insulin, vaccines including cervical cancer vaccine, etc.

  2. My cousin’s life was saved by the use of the vitamin C IVs. What are they trying to do? Kill us all?
    We keep talking and writing and praying and they don’t listen. How can we ever win? It is not just big-pharma, it’s big obama, too. What a traitor he is!
    Visit me here to learn about GMOs, Pesticides, and Insecticides.

  3. I think they are trying to kill us. Either that ou their greed has gotten so large that they have forgotten about how to care about people in general. Unfortunately, we get side tracked by political issues intended on keeping us divided. Because we are so divided we don’t seem to be paying enough attention to the things that we should be. Many people regardless of scientific evidence, continue to believe what their politicians tell them. The state that I live in has just gotten some new politicians that are supporting getting rid of some of the regulations that keep us safe. All I can say is don’t these people have children and grandchildren to think of?

  4. There is a raising awareness in the public of the value and safety of natural medications like vitamins and herbs to cure disease. Orthomolecular News reported recently that the deaths from vitamins and herbs were 11 people in the last 25 years (American Poison Control Centers). The FDA does not like this natural competition to move into the market against the medical monopoly they helped foster so they struck out against IV use of vitamin C and other treatments of this type.

    To the AMA, FDA and HHS the IV use of vitamin C is especially threatening to them because it can treat virus and germ infections much more effectively than vaccination. It has been known for years among Naturopaths and Orthomolecular therapists that the IV use of C for treating someone dying of a virus or germ infection can be 100% effective.

    During the worst of the polio epidemic a small town doctor in Reidsville, North Carolina, was getting complete cures for polio (a virus). In 1948-9, Dr. Frederick Robert Klenner MD cured every polio case he saw a total of 60 by using massive doses of vitamin C (see HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: The Pioneering Work of FREDERICK ROBERT KLENNER, M.D., by Andrew W. Saul, Assistant Editor, Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine).

    Here is one case taken directly from the above article:
    In 1951, “In an especially incredible case,” Levy says, “Klenner (9) described a five-year-old girl stricken with polio. This child had already been paralyzed in both her lower legs for over four days! The right leg was completely limp, and the left leg was determined to be 85% flaccid. Pain was noticed especially in the knee and lumbar areas. Four consulting physicians confirmed the diagnosis of polio. Other than massage, vitamin C was the only therapy initiated. After four days of vitamin C injections the child was again moving both legs, but with only very slow and deliberate movement. Klenner also noted that there was a “definite response” after only the first injection of vitamin C. The child was discharged from the hospital after four days, and 1,000 mg of oral vitamin C was continued every two hours with fruit juice for seven days. The child was walking about, although slowly, on the 11th day of treatment. By the 19th day of treatment there was a “complete return of sensory and motor function,” and no long-term impairment ever resulted. Vitamin C not only completely cured this case of polio, it completely reversed what would undoubtedly have been a devastating, crippling result for the remainder of this girl’s life.” (4) For such elegant results, in the days before widespread use of either antibiotics or vaccination, one may wonder why Klenner was not awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

    Let me rant just a bit here.
    Modern medicine is falling apart at the seams and the best thing that the FDA can do to help them is attack any natural therapy or food that shows a possibility of offering relief for the disease suffering American people and the world. Here is a beautiful example of how insane things have become and believe me I know many more. About six years ago there were 65 autoimmune diseases and everyone in the health field was shocked and said “wow that is a lot”. Today there are over 150 autoimmune diseases and climbing. Now, it is an out of control epidemic where one out of every 4 people will have an autoimmune disease. And once you get one it is a given that you will get another one and so on. Now here is the sick truth about autoimmune diseases and modern medicine. Modern medical science does not know the cause for even one of these 150 diseases and has cured exactly zero. But that should not surprise anyone who understands that modern medicine has not cured even one disease in over a half a century and that was supposed to be polio. Do I know the cause of all these autoimmune diseases, of course I do and so do you. Bayer, BASF, Dow, Dupont, Monsanto, Syngetna, Novartis, Pfizer and many others being allowed by our government in the form of the FDA, FTC and USDA to pour their filth into our food, air and water. Why is this happening, because big business and not the people of the United States run the government just as the article is saying. Is there a cure for autoimmune diseases? Yes, it is called cleansing and detoxing with a complete diet change that moves totally away from the Standard American diet bill of goods we were sold.

    Doc Blake

  5. I am team captain for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life teams of Calvert County, Md. We are teams that raise money for families affected by cancer. Please help me raise my fundraising goal of $4000 by going to the website @ and click on our team Coopers Crusaders so that we get the credit. All proceeds go to ACS.

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