Farm to Fridge: The Truth Behind Meat Production (Video)

By Nathan Runkle
Mercy For Animals

Today, Mercy For Animals is releasing its most important and compelling film yet – Farm to Fridge.

Narrated by Oscar-nominee James Cromwell, this powerful 12-minute film takes you on an eye-opening exploration behind the closed doors of the nation’s largest industrial poultry, pig, dairy and fish farms, hatcheries, and slaughter plants – revealing the often-unseen journey that animals make from Farm to Fridge.

Using arresting images covertly recorded on hidden camera, this provocative film puts into focus the harsh reality faced by farmed animals – creatures granted no federal protection from abuse during their lives on factory farms.

Challenging society’s views and treatment of “food animals,” Farm to Fridge elevates our moral and ethical discussion about where our food comes from, how it is produced, and who is left to pay the ultimate price for cheap meat, dairy and eggs.

This film is guaranteed to change the way you look at the power, and consequences, of your food choices.

You can watch this life-changing film for free below, or online at After viewing Farm to Fridge, I encourage you to share it with your friends on Facebook, order a free copy to screen in your community, and request a free Vegetarian Starter Kit.

I hope you find MFA’s new film informative, motivational, and moving. Together we can protect farmed animals from abuse, and inspire others to explore cruelty-free food choices.

45 responses to “Farm to Fridge: The Truth Behind Meat Production (Video)

  1. Thanks for this. Does the quality of life and death matter to this organization? In other words, do they differentiate between CAFO’s in Iowa and Organic farms in Vermont? My sense is that they don’t. Which is a bummer.

    • Over 95% of animals used for food endure this treatment. When someone is picking up a carton of eggs at the grocery store it almost certainly comes from hens that were raised in battery cages and when someone has pork at a restaurant, the pigs almost certainly had their testicles ripped out without anesthetic. This is by and large the norm for animal agriculture and it’s important to show the standard practices of this industry because they happen behind closed doors and the public often doesn’t know the horrors farmed animals endure to get on their plate.

    • jon, there is no nice way to slit an animal’s throat

  2. not sure i understand what u mean Jon, there is absolutely no way u can compare Organic Farms in VT (which btw have an 80% sustainability rate) to CAFO’s

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  4. When did carbon dioxide poisoning become painful. Most CO2 poisonings result in becoming sleepy and then become unconsceous. Much of the video shown has been proven to be staged for dramatic effect to suit the needs of the film maker. Much of the shown prcatices have been outlawed and are not accepted practices. Educate yourselves by getting to know your local farmer, not some extremist vegan promoting organization who is asking for your donations.

    • The CO2 aspect is the only one that is (indeed) inaccurate in this video (even if you might forget or underestimate the panic that’s involved, when being packed by dozens into a plastic bag). Most of the other methods and practices described in the video are unfortunately real. Now, I’m not saying (at all!) that ALL farmers do such things. MOST of them DON’T, and I know this for a fact. But I also know for a fact that these things happen, way too often, especially in industrial farming.

    • Undercover investigations have been conducted across the US by various animal protection organizations and throughout the world and they continue to show these devastating cruelties that these poor farmed animals must endure. Many of the practices in the video are in fact legal as there are no federal laws to protect farmed animals and many states have anti-cruelty statutes from which farmed animals are exempt. Could you please provide the proof you speak of regarding the authenticity of the video? Considering all of these investigations have been turned over to the police and have resulted in criminal charges, fines, end of corporate relationships, etc. that suggests that they are indeed authentic and terribly tragic.

    • Try putting a plastic bag over your head so you can only breath what you are exhaling CO2 and see if you feel mental pain called panic or sleepy. Paul

      • Sorry Lea A, I intended that the reply about the plastic bag go to Walking Through the Non-World and also Kevin H Paul

      • That’s what I meant Paul, you WOULD indeed get into panic (and therefore suffering). Even if the CO2 itself doesn’t give a painful death (but this would be only the case if it was to fill a larger space – definitely not a plastic bag! – and if the person or animal in it was not aware that anything is happening).
        I was not saying at all that it is not cruel! And if you read the rest of my comment, you’ll see that I strongly condemn all these practices.

    • Kevin – what you need to do is educate YOURSELF by opening your mind to the realisation that this is going on. This is not an “extremist vegan” issue and nor is this rare or out of the norm.

      Last time I checked you didn’t need to be vegan to be against skinning conscious hamsters, dismembering conscious dogs and de-feathering conscious budgies in a scalding tank .These “food” animals are as sentient as any other animals we build a relationship with and add to our families as a pet, yet the humane laws fail them terribly.

      Stop being so closed minded and numbed by the society that raised you that you cannot think beyond what you’ve been told. Allow yourself to absorb the information being given to you that the world is not all as it seems at face value.

  5. How can the large majority of humans still not understand that what we do to these animals is comparable to the most abominable tortures and massacres that mankind has carried out throughout history? When will this end?
    I had already seen some shocking and extremely well-done videos about industrial farming and animal cruelty, but this is definitely one of the most striking. Thanks a lot for the link.
    Let’s keep working and spreading the word for this to stop as soon as possible.

  6. Seems the only way to stop this would be by direct action. Purchase meat, diary and eggs from local farmers who raise the animals in a human fashion. Visit the farms, see how the animals live and ask how they die. In most cases you will not be able to see how they are slaughtered as the processing facility must, by law, be off the farm. It is not that much more expensive than a supermarket to purchase and can be cheaper still if you are willing to buy larger cuts and process them yourself. I just recently purchased a nasty looking bit of pork belly with bones and skin still on it for just over 60 cents a pound. Let me tell you it made some fantastic bacon.

  7. Anyone who thinks that they are immune from the consequences of this and there is not a moral price to pay somewhere down the road has got their head screwed on backwards. Paul

  8. One solution is consume organic products. Feeding withaout GM.
    I think we can eat less meat, or stop eating it, but for people who doesn´t want to leave meat: Is possible to have a good diet by eating meat once a weak. For this will be a lot of opinion. We must be considered with animals.

    • Eating meat “once a weak” will certainly make one weak after awhile.

    • In the past I considered a vegan/vegetarian diet. However, at a young age I found I have a severe alergy to all legumes (beans/soybeans) and tree nuts. These allergies effectively wipe out most potential sources of protien that vegan and vegetarian diets are based on. In my attempt at a vegetarian diet, I quickly developed anemia and ended up in the hospital and had to go back to a typical diet. In an attempt to reduce my dependance on commerical farming, I raise my own chickens for eggs and meat in my back yard garden. I also do my best to purchase animal protiens from local farms that I have visited and know well.

  9. I am speechless after this video.

  10. Investigating....

    If ANYONE knows of a link/location/document where I could find:
    – What farm/industry these videos came from,
    – Authenticity of the industry they came from,
    – The “court cases” or “criminal charges” they faced,
    – and the year the videos were taken

    that would help me out tremendously for one of my college courses.


  11. Oh my god. I could not even make it past the man kicking the pig 30 seconds in before I was in tears. I HATE this. I wish CAFOs would be outlawed, but I do not think this will ever happen becuase the majority of people (Americans, namely) are just too callous and greedy. Poor babies; I wish I could be there to comfort them 😦

  12. @Kevin H: How do u know? Have u visited every slaughter house? You really think only some farmers would do this? Oh, let me guess, becauae those “better” farmers like to spend more money? They enjoy taking the correct, more expensive route to meat production? Disgusting!!

  13. This is just too sad. I cried while watching this, and the film made me think where meat really comes from. Those animals were screaming in pain, and the workers always hurt them. How would you feel if your much loved dog was treated this way? Farmed animals are as every least bit able to feel pain as dogs, cats, and human beings. What you saw in the video is real assault.

  14. Ok i have lived around agriculture my whole life and the companys that want you to belive this stuff stage most of these events. The clips in this video are extremly rare and very very few animals are ever treated like this. Farmers take pride in their livestock and that is a fact i see every day. Its videos like these that hurt farmers and remember everyone in this world need to eat and farmers are the ones that make this happen. This video is a froud. Do not buy into it.

    • I don’t buy that commonsence , your spelling is very bad, is this indicative of people who think that this video is a fraud, people with less education? Hurting farmers? it’s all about money no one has any moral fortitude, most of these ‘companies’ are volunteer organizations, the companies are Smithfield and the like, seems like you have been brought into line by them!

    • SlaughterhouseImcoming4u!

      Commonsence, then where are the videos of Farmers treating the animals in a humane way? I don’t see any videos anywhere, not even on YouTube. Obviously they don’t want you to see what goes on. It’s more cost efficient to just slaughter these animals in a vicious way than it is humanely. Do you really think the farmers really care? It’s all about profits.

  15. this is stupid and unreal, yes this might have happen but dosent mean it goes on everyehre this guy is just showing u the worst of the worst just to get you to become a vegan. how bout they show videos of the caged free chickens thats roam freely. you all suck, ill eat meat till the day im buired

    • You my friend i completely agree with, why the hell should i become a Vegan when this video only show’s a part of the world. not everything, for everyone ONE of those farms, there a 100 good ones, who actually treat their animals right. and kill them properly without bloodshed in a splattering sense. Besides, i love eating Meat, especially chicken and burgers, there is nothing like a juicy half pound burger, with all the fixens. So all these bleeding heart knobs can suck it. if you wanna peaceful no killing world die yourself, problem fixed. your now no longer part of this massacre called reality.

      • I have never read anything so ignorant before. I am genuinely sad for you. You don’t have to agree with the vegan lifestyle or even everything in this video, but the least you can do is respect the people that care about it. You and individuals as ignorant as yourself, are the problem with reality. Sites and videos of this nature are meant for people with kind hearts, we cant expect peace 100% of the time, as a vegan myself I have a great deal of respect for people who go out of their way to find meat that is raised right, their lifestyles are different than mine but I still respect it. What I cant respect is someone who A. cant voice their opinion in a mature, respectful, or (even somewhat) grammatically correct way. or B. cannot make an argument without suggesting the opposing side “die yourself”. Like what? I just urge you to consider that while this may not be an issue you find pertinent, it is to so many others.

  16. Me and my family have a vegetarian diet because the things shown at this video and more, but I terribly respect everyone food preferences. I like “Saxman” comments. If anyone decides to eat meat, eggs, milk…. prefer your own backyard production or from any local family farm. I usually work with Latinamerica poor family farmers and their agroecological way to produce food is really sustainable. In my country, Argentina, FF produces 40% of food with less than 20% of soil area. And almost all products are from low (or nulle) external inputs systems…

  17. darthchaosofrspw

    Farm To Fridge is vegan propaganda from a group of abolitionist vegan animal rights activists who claim that “humane meat does not exist. The abolitionist vegans are united with Big Agra in the war against small family farms.

  18. For those who do not understand the cruelty, please put yourself in the pig’s shose and see how you feel whn you are about to be killed…

    Anyway, Karma will get you one day…

  19. What this world has become makes me sick. These animals feel pain just like you and I. They need our protection. We must do whatever it takes to keep this cruelty from happening. I can’t stand to see anyone or anything suffer. Lets all do our part.

  20. SlaughterhouseImcoming4u!

    Obviously we have spent a lot of our tax payers money to ensure the Federal government overseas the humane killings of our food. Apparently their not. The Federal governments lack of interest to ensure the humane slaughter of animals have been foreshadowed by their huge salaries their receiving from the tax payers. We need to push this debate to our congressman to ensure this doesn’t continue to happen. Thank you Food Freedom for showing the American people the truth about these slaughter houses.

    • If there is a second coming, there are a lot of people that will have loads to answer to. The universal law of Karma applies to all. Those who inflict harm and suffering to these living creatures will have a hefty price to pay in the end, and deservingly so. Be it the firey gates of hell, living an entire life suffering from a diseased physical body or simply returning as a redwood tree. Take your pick. The universe is watching you and you will most definately pay.

  21. I think its pretty sick that people leave such nasty comments. No – this may not happen at every plant, HOWEVER the fact that it happens at all should make everyone sick! wake up people. animals can feel pleasure and pain- why do we think its ok to do this?

  22. This has just broken my heart. Don’t get me wrong I love meat but this is disgusting. These horrible people causing so much unnecessary pain to these poor vulnerable animals just for the fun of it. I just hope to god that one day every slaughter house that’s not, will be humane. These animals have feelings too, they shouldn’t be suffering.

    All these people on this video can rot on hell.

  23. This is so moveing to me I sware to go vegetarian for six days a week

  24. i am really sad now .they just kill animals and think animals do not feel pain like we do> THEY DO FEEL PAIN!!!!!!!!!! i wish i could be vegetarian but, i am only 9 but , i am aware that some poor animals are suffering THEY HAVE FEELINGS TOO !!!!!!!!!

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